Translation of beer money in Spanish:

beer money

dinero de bolsillo, n.

See Spanish definition of miseria


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    dinero de bolsillo masculine
    dinero para el bolsillo masculine Latin America
    • I won beer money from many unsuspecting young college men.
    • It's also ‘one that got away’ in the sense that I no longer possess it; I think I sold it for beer money in my college days.
    • At the time, area retailers were complaining of middle-class teenagers harassing shoppers for beer money.
    • Not a lot, but enough for their beer money on the night.
    • There, I did some tour guiding to keep me in beer money, which meant I drove a mini bus around showing my guests the sights of the island.
    • So… you guys stay here and I'll leave some beer money for you that day ’, Diox stated as he picked up the envelope.
    • If she had a pound for every time she'd heard the phrase ‘global warming’ on the TV and radio over the last week… well, she'd not be short of beer money for Freshers' Week at college.
    • Not only did the boys resent spending beer money on the extra air fare, they were scattered in hotels over different parts of the city which dented the group spirit a little as their taxis headed off in different directions each night.
    • Plus, I might have forgotten to pay some bill she was there to collect, in which case I wouldn't have beer money anymore, so I told her this is a bad time and tried to get past her.
    • And I got tips, so I always had beer money in hand after work.
    • I like France and the French, they have treated me better than I deserve and they pay me plenty of beer money, even if they could give me a little more for the rent.
    • It was fine then - I made enough for beer money & frankly didn't want a ‘straight’ job.
    • Entering a national contest to find the next Billie Holiday, she came second, but there was little work, other than singing for beer money with trad bands.
    • In this case he gets beer money teaching SCUBA diving and the odd windfall investigation, but nothing of much substance.
    • And he can't understand why no-one wants the mullet he catches in the local creek and tries to sell for beer money.
    • One other thing is that once you get back to Bert's after golf, the atmosphere is so good you tend to stay too long, so take plenty of beer money.
    • Dull, yes, but not half as dull as staying in for months because your credit card payments have eaten up your beer money.
    • They can even donate their normal weekly subscriptions or hand over their beer money.
    • Turns out he's a kid from NewYork City spending the summer in California visiting family, and he took a job at a shop to make a little beer money.
    • We've been working for the love of the job, along with a little beer money, for years.
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    miseria feminine
    they can only afford to pay you beer money solo pueden pagarte una miseria