Translation of beery in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪri/ /ˈbɪəri/

adjective beerier, beeriest

  • 1

    beery smell olor a cerveza
    • beery breath aliento a cerveza
    • To escape the blubbery kisses of great aunts and the beery, fag - fugged breaths of distant cousins, we children used to escape outside, playing a game called Jumping the Gardens, which was modelled on the Grand National.
    • Trust me, no girl - however desperate - likes a slobbering, out-of-control male, breathing smelly, beery breath all over them.
    • If you don't mix it properly then you get the bitter beery taste on your bottom lip, with a sweet melted ice-cream taste on your top lip, which is not pleasant at all.
    • He was breathing beery breath into the ear of Steve.
    • He is swapping the bright lights and wobbly props of the TV studio for the blood-shot eyes and beery breath of a live audience.
    • I can't make it out but his beery breath scores a direct hit to the nostrils.