Translation of beet in Spanish:


remolacha azucarera, n.

Pronunciation /bit/ /biːt/


    (plural beet)
  • 1also sugar beet

    remolacha azucarera feminine
    • In agriculture the main products are meat and dairy, potatoes, sugar beets, barley, wheat, and turnips.
    • It also contained two to three times the sugar content of sugar cane or sugar beets - think sugared cereal for cows.
    • The main crops are wheat, corn, sugar beets, sunflower seeds, and wine grapes.
    • Its agricultural crops are wheat, potatoes, sugar beets, barley, grapes, and cheese.
    • Maize and beet are widely grown in the Park by organic and non-organic farmers as livestock fodder crops.
    • Sweet stuff, usually white when processed, sometimes brown, made from sugar beets or sugarcane…
    • Major crops are wheat and other grains, sugar beets, and potatoes.
    • Finally I took pity on the leaf beet plants outside which were still looking rather sad, and repotted them into fresh compost.
    • I also planted out the leaf beet seeds - they're not so large but they will do equally well outside.
    • Slugs are attacking my leaf beet leaves growing in one of the containers on the patio.
    • Relatively easy to grow, beets are hardy and grow best in cool weather.
    • The surrounding farmers raise sugar beets, corn, and sunflowers for oil.
    • The major crops grown by large agricultural enterprises are grain, sunflower seeds, and sugar beets.
    • We have to build these tools for sugar beets because very few members of its plant family have been mapped.
    • It costs twice as much to produce sugar from the beet grown in Europe than from the cane grown elsewhere.
    • We plant successive crops of beets all season long, so they are almost always available to include.
    • Another major industry concern is the tendency of mud and soil to stick to sugar beets at harvest, embedded in natural ridges.
    • Most sugar beets are rough and grooved, so lots of soil sticks to them when they're pulled from the ground.
    • Since it is derived from sugar beets, it contains a rich spectrum of nutrients.
    • Europeans actually get their sugar from sugar beets which is laughable.
  • (plural beets)
  • 2US

    remolacha feminine
    betabel masculine Mexico
    betarraga feminine Chile