Translation of befitting in Spanish:


apropiado, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈfɪdɪŋ/ /bɪˈfɪtɪŋ/


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    • In the wake of any aggression, we are capable of giving a befitting reply.
    • The government has also arranged programmes to observe the day in a befitting manner.
    • I personally appeal for the exhibition of honesty by our kingmakers in the selection of a befitting personality for the kingly crown.
    • We should play our part by communicating what we think is more befitting.
    • Recently, our family has been discussing what would be a befitting, honorable tribute to his life.
    • Indeed what a befitting gift for us from his government.
    • That is a mortal trait, not a befitting attribute for an angel.
    • It was a befitting gift to a great mentor by an equally grateful disciple.
    • The English translation, as expected, is splendid in its attempt at tracking the most befitting word and word order.
    • Similarly, if a husband decides to part ways with his wife he is directed to do so in a befitting manner.
    • Our forces are fully capable to give a befitting reply to our enemy.
    • Perhaps the words labour of love are used too often, as those three words are no more befitting than they are right here.
    • What could be more befitting tribute than a poignant musical evening, bejeweled with similar soothing melodies, to a person for whom music was soul in itself.
    • And I thought she couldn't have looked, actually - dare I use the word more regal, and very well-suited and befitting for the occasion.
    • For the National Symphony Orchestra, it might be befitting to continue with an American conductor (the type that also knows the fund-raising business best in the country).
    • It was felt that the organization should ensure that people know about Human rights and get their rights in a befitting manner.
    • But though they put on their best face, And tried to cover their disgrace, Folks thought it a befitting place For them, up in a Hayloft.
    • She has given befitting names to two of her shops:.
    • What a befitting gift.