Translation of before in Spanish:


antes de, prep

Pronunciation /bəˈfɔr/ /bɪˈfɔː/

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  • 1

    (preceding in time)
    antes de
    I won't be back before three/midday no estaré de vuelta antes de las tres/de(l) mediodía
    • before dinner/the game antes de la cena/del partido
    • before long dentro de poco
    • they arrived before us llegaron antes que nosotros
    • excuse me, I was before you lo siento, yo estaba antes (que usted)
    • before going in antes de entrar
    • ten minutes before the end of the game diez minutos antes de que terminara el partido
    • the day before her departure el día anterior a su partida
    • in the days before electricity cuando no había electricidad
    • turn right just before the bridge tuerce / dobla a la derecha justo antes del puente
  • 2

    • 2.1(in front of)

      delante de
      ante formal
      before the assembled guests delante de los invitados
      • he is due to appear before the court next week debe comparecer ante los tribunales la semana próxima
      • the matter comes before the committee today el tema va a ser tratado hoy por la comisión
      • I swear before God that … juro ante Dios que …
      • they swept all before them arrasaron con todo lo que encontraron a su paso
      • the difficulties that still lay before him las dificultades que aún tenía por delante

    • 2.2(in rank, priority)

      she puts her work before her family antepone el trabajo a su familia
      • safety comes before anything else la seguridad (está) ante todo


  • 1

    (earlier than)
    (+ subjunctive) antes de que
    (+ infinitive) antes de
    before it gets dark antes de que anochezca / de que se haga de noche
    • before ironing it antes de plancharlo
    • he died before he was 30 murió antes de cumplir los 30 años
  • 2

    (rather than)
    antes que
    she would die before … prefería morir antes que …
    • I would die before helping you destroy the human race," he said.
    • While Michael was fiercely loyal in his professional and personal relationships, he had a ruthless streak and was prepared to put his career before all else.
    • My dream is to be a great chef, and I put that before all things


  • 1

    long before mucho antes
    • the day/year before el día/año anterior
    • before and after antes y después
    • have you been to Canada before? ¿ya has estado en el Canadá?
    • this has never happened before esto no había sucedido nunca antes
    • not that page, the one before esa página no, la anterior
    • We recently talked about what was going to happen in the period just before my death.
    • Again, this was more than three times the figure for the same period the year before.
    • It took a minute for him to realize where he was and remember the events of the night before.
    • We wanted to get the work started some four to six weeks ago before the weather turned.
    • Remove them from the oven and leave to rest for five minutes before slicing in half.
    • Four months before her death she gave him her blessing to go ahead with the procedure.
    • We went for a nice meal with the parents yesterday before having to catch the train home.
    • We have met for a drink and a chat before dinner at a local restaurant with some of her mates.
    • He looked at the clock and decided he better go visit Thomas before his dinner meeting.
    • We had to go home and wait four hours before phoning the hospital for the result.
    • He will also oversee the opening of another four shops before the end of the year.
    • He had served with the Territorial Army before the war and rose to the rank of captain.
    • He said three to four minutes passed before someone came to take him down to the cells.
    • It turned out that the pilot spoke some English and had visited Boston before the war.
    • He was crossing the road to visit a nearby newsagents to buy milk before he went swimming.
    • She waited until she heard his car faded away before standing and getting her bags.
    • Hastily he picked the book up and handed it to her and bowed his head before standing.
    • Ben led his friend to the bench on his long porch and then they both sat down before he answered.
    • He sat up straight for some time before realising there were two people in front of him.
    • I always prefer to read a book before I see a film, so that I can have my own images in my head.
  • 2 archaic

    (ahead, in front)
    • Eight days later she was up before the same court to admit committing two further thefts.
    • Sarah has a solicitor in Israel and plans to put the case before the court as soon as possible.
    • In it he seeks an order that his clients' appeal be heard afresh before a new court.
    • It seems to me they are wholly excessive when one looks at the bundle before the court.
    • Ada is also a ward of court in the inheritance case and the pair are taken before the courts.
    • He has since been suspended from his job and at some stage will have to appear before a tribunal.
    • As I shall show in a moment, that evidence seems to me to have been before the tribunal.
    • If you were brought up before the headmaster he would poke you in the chest and you fell back.
    • You shall stand before him to answer for the conspiracy to destroy his beloved sons!
    • Mr Binding has freely admitted to the crimes put before him several times in this court.
    • Repeat young offenders have had to wait up to four months to be tried before magistrates.
    • The words impose a requirement on the court to make a judgment on the evidence before it.
    • If a case is put before the court on a basis, the court can only deal with it on that basis.
    • The justices before whom the question is brought and all the facts of the case appear.
    • My Lord, I am not standing before my Lord to say that there is an obvious flaw in the logic.
    • The young man passes through the light, and is in a garden, standing before the gate.
    • You should have seen the look on her face when I stood before her door with my luggage in my hand.
    • I looked up and turned to the side to see a rather nice looking woman standing before me.
    • Lia dug her hands into her jacket pockets, her eyes resting on the figure before her.
    • There was a stage at the front and the Headmaster was stood at it, before a microphone.
    • No one else appeared to be aware of the fearful events that were unfolding before my eyes.