Translation of befriend in Spanish:


hacerse amigo de, v.

Pronunciation /bəˈfrɛnd/ /bɪˈfrɛnd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    hacerse amigo de
    she was befriended by an older girl una chica mayor se hizo amiga de ella
    • they were befriended by a stray dog se les pegó un perro callejero
    • She befriended him and offered support after reading about the 1995 case in the news.
    • While a supervision order is in force it is the duty of the supervisor to advise, assist and befriend a supervised child.
    • Daniel befriended a girl on the way who had friends that would let him stay in their apartment.
    • Barrie makes it his mission to support the family and to befriend Peter.
    • On the other side I befriended this guy at work when I was only 16, he was 18 and was a Catholic.
    • I was really the first one to befriend her, and protected her from the other pirates.
    • He befriends this young boy, who hopes to remain friends following their hospital stay.
    • When she first met Blake she'd pitied him because he only had a few friends, so she had befriended him.
    • Robin stars as a disabled janitor who befriends a young boy.
    • There, he befriends a deaf girl (Jack knows sign language!) and her hockey-playing brother.
    • So he visits and befriends the traumatised boy.
    • But gradually, he makes his way in a small Southern town where he gets a job as a mechanic, and befriends a young boy who is also an outsider.
    • On a mission to win Mrs. Creswell over for Raymond, Archie befriends the elderly woman and the two become close pals.
    • But things change when a woman beggar comes to the area and befriends him.
    • Stuck in the jungle, our hero befriends a peasant named Pacha and together they attempt to return to the palace in order to restore his human form.
    • He befriends Mary, and tells her how he found the precious papers.
    • When a girl from the Bronx moves in next door and befriends her, Mooney's outlook changes.
    • On New Year's Eve he meets their mother at a dinner party and subsequently befriends the family.
    • Then she befriends her family's prisoner, and he shows her that a kite can fly.
    • Torn between turning Henry in and befriending him, Carol chooses the latter - and tries to convince Henry to do ‘a job’ with her.