Translation of beg in Spanish:


pedir, v.

Pronunciation /bɛɡ/

transitive verb begging, begged, begged

  • 1

    (alms/money/food) pedir
    (alms/money/food) mendigar
    • Her husband, William Good, was a simple laborer and his inadequate income forced the Goods to accept charity and to beg for goods from their neighbors.
    • A friend told me that it was better living on the street, because there you could beg for money and food.
    • Egypt must not remain poor and must not beg for food from the international community.
    • You might see two parents working hard for a living, and yet their children would beg for food in the streets.
    • They were poor having no stock save a cow and a few hens, and often had to beg for food around the parish.
    • What is even worse is when people actively beg for money, in that they come up to you in the street and ask you for money.
    • So the crippled beg for food but are shown little compassion.
    • They beg for money, often using bits of broken English they pick up from the occasional soldier they encounter.
    • Every day poor people came to her house to beg for food and every day she sent them away with nothing.
    • She was so low on money these days that she felt the need to beg for money.
    • At times we are forced to go and beg for food from nearby homesteads.
    • They have gone to streets in town where they beg for money to survive.
    • The poor were also allowed to beg for money in these buildings.
    • He assumed that she was a wandering beggar who had come to beg for food and shelter.
    • He had to beg for money in order to eat, but received very little.
    • He recounts the incident of a man who came to beg for food for his starving child.
    • I'm going to go beg for money and we might end up with enough to rent a room to stay for tonight.
    • Maybe she could find the train station and beg for some money to catch a train out or town.
    • Their decision to beg seems to be paying handsome dividends.
    • A man begging cornered me and asked me for some spare change.
  • 2formal

    • 2.1(entreat)

      (person) suplicarle a
      (person) rogarle a
      to beg sb to + inf suplicarle / rogarle a algn que + subj

      • I begged her to wait
      I beg you! ¡te lo suplico!
      • So I beg of you, please, do not carry on this tradition.
      • So, I beg of you, when you see a cyclist on the road, give plenty of space.
      • I beg of you, do not distress yourself over this.
      • ‘Please I beg of you, think of what your doing’ Eve said, pleading for her life.
      • I beg of you please revive the life of this young boy, Hardy.
      • Save me from any more embarrassment, please I beg of you - whoever is in charge of embarrassing people!
      • God please, please, please, I beg of you, make my feelings for Jalil disappear.
      • I beg of you, mother, to walk me down the aisle for no other person would be suited to do so in my eyes.
      • If I speak to you less often and seem less cordial than before, do not be offended, I beg of you.
      • If I have done anything to screw it up, I beg of you to push it aside and forgive me.
      • She bows down at his feet (no Pharisee in Galilee did that!) and presents herself humbly as she begs for his help.
      • When he had left the house, he had pleaded and begged his grandmother to come with him, but she had refused.
      • I pleaded for him and begged them to take me instead, but they forced me away.
      • I could hear her begging my father for my forgiveness, but I could also tell that she was failing as my father's voice dissipated completely.
      • Children cried and clung to their fathers, begging them not to go.
      • Michelle smiled at her other two friends, begging them to forgive him as she had.
      • That night Paul and John begged their father to play.
      • I'm begging anyone with any information to contact the police.
      • Meanwhile, farmers are begging their banks for the funds to survive.

    • 2.2(ask for)

      (forgiveness/mercy) suplicar
      (forgiveness/mercy) rogar
      to beg sth of sb suplicarle algo a algn
      • ‘Humbly do I beg your forgiveness, Lord,’ she said clearly, bowing her head.
      • I most humbly beg leave to trouble your grace with these few lines.
      • There are many others, in scouting, involved and I beg their forgiveness for not mentioning them by name.
      • Then, embarrassed by his own behavior, Orlando begged their forgiveness and hurried to retrieve Adam.
      • Just as I was about to beg their forgiveness, I saw the energy between them changing.
      • She was right to go to the women, express her sincere regret and ask their forgiveness, but she was wrong to continue begging it once it was clear they would not give it.
      • The two delegates approached the supreme leader on several occasions trying to beg mercy for their fellow reformers.
      • His eyes begged a silent plea of forgiveness, but she only shook her head.
      • Then the exhausted Shackleton begs ships from numerous navies until he finally returns for his crew in an almost unparalleled saga of the bravery we all want to be able to show and only a handful ever manage.
      • In every other aspect of daily life there's usually something that stands out and begs the attention of the eye or the ear - typestyles fall out of favor, and hence define an era.
      • Luckily he is very polite and begs forgiveness.
      • Do I find a Master and beg of him to solve this riddle?

intransitive verb begging, begged, begged

  • 1

    (beggar) pedir
    (beggar) mendigar
    they live by begging viven de la mendicidad
    • she taught the dog to beg le enseñó al perro a levantar las patitas
    • they are having to beg for funds prácticamente tienen que ponerse de rodillas para que les concedan fondos
    • They slept in the open and begged food from farmers.
    • She begged money from parishioners going to and from St Anne's Cathedral.
    • The journey took three days; he begged food and money along the way.
    • My tongue stops midway to going back into my mouth, with the ice cream still on the tip, I must look like a dog begging for a bone or something.
    • The smartly dressed man shooed the boy away, as if it was an annoying dog begging for a piece of meat.
    • Mom's eyes were like a puppy's begging for a scrap from the dinner table.
    • A laugh escaped, she looked like a small puppy begging for attention again.
    • His eyes were glinting with pleading; he looked like a dog begging for food.
    • Her party trick is to stand on her back legs and beg for food very much like a dog begs.
    • It took him five minutes to walk to the backyard shed, inside would be the cute little puppy Shadow, whom would lick and beg for food from Chad.
    • He would sit up and beg for food every few moments, at which point Kayty would take something off of her plate and hold it out for him.
  • 2formal

    to beg for sth