Translation of begrime in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bəˈɡraɪm/ /bɪˈɡrʌɪm/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to be begrimed (with sth) estar sucio (de algo)
    • The habitations are begrimed with smut and dirt.
    • He wore the same blackened shirt and dark clothing as when he had left, but now they and he were begrimed and streaked with dirt.
    • In the intervening two decades, equipment had become more portable; pictures could be taken in the thick of battle; civilian victims and exhausted begrimed soldiers could be studied close up.
    • Coffee stains were the only decoration on the white wallpaper, begrimed and neglected.
    • Striding beside him, his loyal and rugged men - Red, Zee, and Lake among them - look equally square-jawed, primed and begrimed from their time in the field.
    • I looked to see if there were any books-an old almanac, begrimed and greasy, hanging against the wall, was all the literature offered.
    • He chafed a begrimed hand across a similarly soiled mouth, maw gaping wide in a grin, to reveal ebony teeth with fallow flashes of gold.
    • I am generally a rational person, and could tick off many a reason why dashing my body against a rock club's begrimed floor isn't a good idea.
    • Jedidah didn't understand why her hostess was fussing with such pageantry in her own home for this begrimed gypsy.
    • He crossed to the begrimed window and watched in dismay as Rabbit was led away, surrounded by three armed guards.
    • Darius was immensely relieved to see his begrimed, dust-ridden target in one piece, but wisely did not show it.
    • He scrubbed the begrimed garments as best he could until they were as white and as lavish as usual.