Traducción de behalf en Español:


Pronunciación /bəˈhæf/ /bɪˈhɑːf/


  • 1

    on behalf of sb
    in behalf of sb
    on sb's behalf
    in sb's behalf
    he argued on her behalf that she had been very ill alegó en su defensa / en su favor que había estado muy enferma
    • I'd like to thank you on behalf of the team quisiera darle las gracias en nombre de / de parte de todo el equipo
    • he accepted the award on his father's/her behalf aceptó el premio en nombre de su padre/en su nombre
    • I'm ringing on behalf of a friend llamo de parte de un amigo
    • don't worry on my behalf por mí no te preocupes
    • a collection on behalf of the victims una colecta a beneficio de / en pro de los damnificados
    • In turn, the organization will negotiate on your behalf for lower interest rates and a more convenient payment option.
    • The hospital is also keen to hear from those interested in fundraising on its behalf.
    • In the previously more common subsidized loan, the state pays the interest on the student 's behalf while he or she is attending school.
    • Water voles are making a comeback in East Yorkshire, thanks to backing from farmers and landowners for a campaign on their behalf.
    • That means if someone starts to campaign on their behalf, so to speak, and breaks the rules, they can be held liable.
    • Speaking through an interpreter, he told the Daily Echo: ‘Thank you to everyone who has campaigned on my behalf.’
    • Many of our California members worked hard on my behalf, and I want to thank them for their assistance.
    • Would you please let me know if you have authority from your principal to accept service of process on its behalf.
    • The full mortgage repayment, including interest and capital, is paid on their behalf.
    • There were so many prayers that were offered and we're so grateful to everyone for all that they did on Elizabeth's behalf and on our behalf.