Translation of behead in Spanish:


decapitar, v.

Pronunciation /bəˈhɛd/ /bɪˈhɛd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • People were beheaded and killed during the last five weeks of the war.
    • They hold hands as the line in front of them thins, as the prisoners are beheaded one by one.
    • In several of these areas, insurgents have killed election officials and threatened to behead anyone who votes.
    • They threatened to behead him unless their demand was met.
    • His explanations that he was trying to steer the rising were brushed aside and he was beheaded on Tower Hill in June 1537.
    • On 30 January 1649 the King was beheaded in front of a huge crowd at Whitehall.
    • A garter ribbon worn by King Charles I on the day he was beheaded was sold for £4,400 yesterday.
    • Within three years he had tired of Anne Boleyn and she was beheaded in 1536, accused of treason and adultery.
    • His father was beheaded simply because he happened to be the head of a religious body.
    • Charles I was beheaded in January 1649 and in May of that year Brouncker's mother died.