Translation of behind in Spanish:


detrás de, prep

Pronunciation /bəˈhaɪnd/ /bɪˈhʌɪnd/

See Spanish definition of trasero


  • 1

    • 1.1(to the rear of)

      detrás de
      atrás de Latin America
      behind Peter detrás de Peter
      • behind me detrás de mí
      • the other car followed close behind us el otro coche nos seguía muy de cerca
      • he crossed the line ten seconds behind the winner cruzó la meta diez segundos después del ganador
      • we're ten years behind the Japanese in microelectronics en microelectrónica llevamos un retraso de diez años respecto a los japoneses
      • she's well behind the rest of the class está muy atrasada con respecto al resto de la clase

    • 1.2(on the other side of)

      detrás de
      atrás de Latin America

  • 2

    • 2.1(responsible for)

      detrás de
      I know who's behind all this yo sé quién está detrás de todo esto

    • 2.2(underlying)

      the theory behind it is that … la teoría sobre la que se basa es que …
      • the idea behind it is to … de lo que se trata es de …
      • we want to know the motives behind your decision queremos saber los motivos que te llevaron a esa decisión

  • 3

    (in support of)
    we're all behind the police todos respaldamos a la policía
    • I'm behind you all the way tienes todo mi apoyo
    • we put all our energies behind the campaign volcamos toda nuestra energía en apoyar la campaña
  • 4

    • 4.1(to one's name)

      a sus espaldas
      en su haber
      she has four years' experience behind her tiene cuatro años de experiencia a sus espaldas / en su haber

    • 4.2(in time)

      all that is behind us now todo eso ha quedado atrás
      • I'm behind schedule voy retrasado / atrasado (con el trabajo / los preparativos etc.)
      • the train is behind time el tren va a llegar con retraso


  • 1

    (to the rear, following)
    → see also stay behind,
    wait behindetc
    I want the small children here and the taller ones behind que los niños pequeños se pongan aquí y los más altos detrás
    • she glanced behind miró hacia atrás
    • I was attacked from behind me atacaron por la espalda
    • keep an eye on the car behind no pierdas de vista al coche de atrás
    • The unknown attacker grabbed her from behind.
    • She had gone ten or 20 yards past him when he ran up, grabbed her throat from behind and assaulted her.
    • He grabbed her from behind and indecently assaulted her but she managed to fight him off and ran to a nearby house.
    • He grabbed her from behind and violently attacked and indecently assaulted her.
    • They jumped him from behind and savagely attacked him as he walked home after a night out.
    • He approached the girl from behind and then ran off towards Hartfield Road.
    • Above us are snorkellers looking down at us and diving groups below, behind and ahead.
    • Bending down, he wrapped his arms around her from behind and left a kiss on her cheek.
    • If someone tackles you from behind or the side, you have to go down.
    • Dumont films it from behind and to one side such that the perspective becomes slightly distorted.
    • Mia was sitting up looking at me from behind and a few boys had quit doing the pushups.
    • Alex, who was wounded in the stomach and arm, was apparently shot from behind, the judge said.
    • He took them for a walk and they attacked him from behind for no apparent reason.
    • He grew bigger every time you looked behind as he followed you.
    • He attacked the younger boy from behind.
    • You sat in the middle of the car just as you would in an F1 car, with your passengers to the side and slightly behind.
    • It meant he could not make a move on those immediately ahead and was a sitting target for those chasing from behind.
    • A movement behind and to the left made her turn to face the guard sent to challenge her.
  • 2

    (in race, competition)
    England were two goals behind Inglaterra iba perdiendo por dos goles
    • they came from behind to win 3-2 se recuperaron y finalmente ganaron 3 a 2
    • the Republicans are behind in the polls los republicanos van a la zaga según las encuestas
    • In truth, Wales should have been 20 points behind and out of the match by half time.
    • He admitted he was not a happy man after seeing his side go behind for the fifth time in the last six games.
    • But he sends his kick just wide of the posts to leave the home side eight points behind.
    • The Conference South side fell further behind when Chris Llewellyn hit number four
    • One serious drawback of the contain-and-counter attitude is apparent when a team goes behind.
  • 3

    (in arrears)
    → see also fall behind,
    get behindetc
    I'm behind with my work/payments estoy atrasada con el trabajo/en los pagos
    • we're six months behind with the rent debemos seis meses de alquiler
    • So it comes as no surprise that they should have fallen behind in developing a system intended to do the impossible.
    • I'm behind in my classes and buried under papers I haven't started.
    • I feel like I’m behind with everything at the moment.
    • She's behind with her schoolwork after being sick and being away.
  • 4

    (in time)
    Buenos Aires is five hours behind Buenos Aires va cinco horas más atrás


informal, euphemistic
  • 1

    trasero masculine informal
    • Administrative professionals, if they're any good, save their bosses' behinds every day.
    • On a Web site I won't name, people post images they've taken - in public places - of other people's behinds.
    • He explains how much beef today comes not from beef cattle bred to fatten beautifully but from dairy-cross cows, which have distinctly bony behinds and are the byproduct of the calving needed to keep dairy cows in milk year on year.
    • They have two distinct camel humps of fat on their behinds.
    • They wiggle their behinds, pull faces, and dance with newfound vigour, passion and excitement, all the while giggling uncontrollably at their reflections on our car.
    • The landlords refuse to get off their fat behinds and allow the agents to fix a serious water leakage problem with our air conditioner.
    • They sat on their civilised behinds and laughed as the frightened face of the woman they'd nicknamed The Pig stared from their screens like a rabbit caught in headlights.
    • Those with sensitive behinds will even be able to use their mobile phone to ring in advance and warm up their electronically-monitored toilet seat.
    • The tunnel is slightly wider than the railroad track, and the railroad track, as you now know, is about as wide as two horses' behinds.
    • It took a good 20 minutes of slithering, most of it on our behinds.
    • Brits should be getting their lazy behinds down to the polling stations to cast their votes today.
    • Times have changed, so when we leave our desk at the end of the day we should be getting our big, lazy behinds down to our local sports centres.
    • Hopefully naked behinds and former page 3 models will not be making an appearance.
    • I've also bought some iron oxide hand warmers in case we break down on a Col and end up freezing our behinds off.
    • Voters would like nothing better than to sit on their behinds, live of the wealth created in the past, and to complain about the unfairness of the world all the way down.
    • Now you'd be more likely to catch the peace-loving band supporting women's rights than slapping the behinds of onstage dancing girls, who used to form part of their live act.
    • Next to the observatory is a natural slide that so many children's behinds have polished that rock is now as smooth as glass.
    • And this is why children these days sport Mickeys and Minnies on their tiny little feet and behinds.
    • After gliding maybe two steps, we would simultaneously fall down on our behinds.