Translation of behindhand in Spanish:


atrasado, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈhaɪn(d)ˌhænd/ /bɪˈhʌɪndhand/


  • 1

    (in arrears)
    to be behindhand with sth estar atrasado en algo
  • 2

    (slow, reluctant)
    he's always a bit behindhand in paying his share siempre se hace el remolón cuando tiene que pagar lo que le toca informal
    • There are certain days on which one feels oneself particularly wide of the mark; behindhand; in debt; showing a deficit.
    • But, time and tide having waited impatiently in the wings, occasionally shaking their watches, I had really better get on and do some work before my next happy hour of the day finds me seriously behindhand.
    • Because I'm behindhand on the particular thing in question I've thought of just letting it go.
    • But instead of waving a baton he turns a beam of rosy light upon any region that is running ahead of the rest, and a beam of blue light upon those who are behindhand.
    • Everything is behindhand for the opening ceremonies of Thursday, but as they are not the important ones, little annoyance is expressed.
    • May the whole Buddhist world be not behindhand in following this noble example.
    • To our credit the British were not behindhand in promoting music.