Translation of being in Spanish:


ser, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbiɪŋ/ /ˈbiːɪŋ/

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  • 1

    (person, creature)
    ser masculine
    a supreme being un ser supremo
    • Maybe intelligent beings cannot exist unless the world is governed by logic and mathematics?
    • While this may be a step in the right direction for intelligent artificial beings, it is a very small one.
    • One of the beings got off his horse and sat crosslegged before the notices, obviously reading them.
    • Have you ever wondered why these evil and dastardly beings might be interested in us?
    • The only beings which do expect him and greet him with unbridled joy are the stray dogs.
    • So we willingly follow his two small, sad pink beings through the various trials of life and myth.
    • Does this mean that God is three persons, or three individuals or three beings etc.?
    • If we have such a pure and powerful minds as love and compassion for all living beings, we will be part of the solution.
    • When I opened them again, radiant beings clothed in glimmering white covered the sky.
    • This could be because of the lack of clear, visual, stereotypes of such beings.
    • Unfortunately these arguments do not validly demonstrate the existence of a divine being.
    • The being grinned and raised one of its two long, lithe arms, and spread its five long, pale fingers.
    • The being kept following me as if I where drawing it with a magnet, and I didn't dare to let it touch me.
    • The being that stood up this time held a mace and club and was made of purple fire.
    • Is there in the whole world a being who would have the right to forgive and could forgive?
    • I knew the being was following me to my room, intentions whether evil or not, I did not know.
    • The screech is inhuman, drawn from another part of the being which doesn't often see light.
    • All that was there was a being that attacked them with a lot of little flying things.
    • Another dream tells of an encounter with a being who held four keys, and bore the wings of a kingfisher.
    • Before you can react, a being will pop out from behind a lamppost and jump onto you.
    • He has created a race of alien beings for his novel, and is halfway towards completing his next book.
    • The motif of alien beings peopling our planet is a very common one in science fiction.
    • Spinoza argued that natural rights were those that were within a being's power to secure.
  • 2

    (existence, life)
    ser masculine
    to bring sth into being llevar algo a cabo
    • to call sth into being crear algo
    • to come into being nacer
    • We, however, are now speaking of things in their issuing from the universal source of being.
    • Nature was personified as an immaterial agency striving for ever more complex forms of being.
    • Everything that is, say the Chinese, tends to move through nine stages of being.
    • It was not a literal theory but intended to describe four metaphorical forms of being.
    • That the actuality of physical existence is not so much a state of being as a process of being.
    • It should be obvious by now that Northfork is clearly a film with its own sense of being.
    • The East Window is one of the few items in the Minster where we have such a personal account of how it came into being.
    • Systems of government came into being to enable kings to achieve their ends.
    • For, until they are schooled into learning the story of their nation states, children have other illuminating narratives about how they came into being.
    • Applying this new morality, science could bring into being a global civilization without poverty or war.
    • We're at the stage now where there's a basis to break out of this vicious cycle and actually bring into being something radically new.
    • In this thermonuclear age, defense is best assured by a strong air force in being.
    • There is bliss, a deep peace, and a feeling of unity with all things and perfection of being.
    • Maybe it is purely the perception of energy patterns at all that keeps us distracted on the doing and not the being.
    • Makes me wonder whether any of us are really safe, or are we all enemies of the state just by sheer virtue of being.
    • That is the chief way in which the class of substances is primary in relation to the other categories of being.
    • They do not need the fiery Mars-energy, but have a more tranquil mode of being.
    • It is the ability to integrate and harmonize diametrically opposed views or states of being.
    • He is an artist obsessed by the horror of existence and the terrible vulnerability of being.
    • Only when one relaxes completely can one start to experience the natural state of being.
  • 3 literary

    ser masculine literary
    her whole being cried out against it todo su ser se rebelaba contra ello
    • In a lot of western magic discourse the ego is confused with the core of the being.
    • My father was the business brains behind it and this affected every fibre of his being.
    • Why had she phrased it as though it were an affliction rather than a state of being?
    • Their deafness, part of their biological makeup, is inextricably tied to their being.
    • Personhood in these traditions is more a process than a state or category of being.
    • In this way, through fully letting go of our sadness, we come to sense the openness that is the core of our being.
    • This time Squib laughed and gave her a kiss filled with all the passion and love in his being.
    • My heart was brimful as I said this, and I spoke with all the fervency of my being.
    • I felt terrified, as I realised that God could see into the very depths of my being.
    • My concern with this is the integral, or non-integral, effects on the rest of my being.
    • He's an alcoholic but he is still trying to do his job even if it destroys the fabric of his being.
    • This kind of scenario has always made me very queasy, right to the very core of my being.
    • I oppose the reinstatement of the death penalty with every fibre of my being.
    • The earth and all that is therein is given to men for the support and comfort of their being.
    • This particular story is about what fires you at the most primal level of your being.
    • Tapping into that energy has helped increase the sense of my car being an extension of my being.
    • It was considered to be an essential encounter with the centre of your being.