Translation of belated in Spanish:


tardío, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈleɪdəd/ /bɪˈleɪtɪd/

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    • Of course, apologies followed, and at five to three the belated ceremony was commenced to the relief of all concerned.
    • The move is long overdue and it's mostly belated good news for shareholders.
    • Though belated, the announcement went down well with the workers both permanent and temporary.
    • Also a belated 81st birthday is extended to Maggie McGee from her family and friends.
    • She is married to Anthony and her children, family and friends, wish her a belated happy birthday.
    • It's a grey, cold day here in Amsterdam and I have to go and raid the fridge to find something for our belated Saturday brunch.
    • Santa Claus even made a belated arrival in the street together with sleigh to entertain the children and give out presents.
    • Wishing you and your family a belated Christmas and an early Happy New Year
    • In our case, not only were the condolences belated, but we also failed to offer concrete support.
    • That went on most of the evening, although we broke for dinner and for more belated presents as the weather got steadily worse.
    • A belated thank you for paying for this year's school fireworks display.
    • After today's game Duff plans to enjoy a belated birthday meal back in Aberdeen with his parents and girlfriend.
    • If you missed out on Valentine's Day, surprise a loved one with a belated trip to the most romantic capital of Europe.
    • There may be belated Christmas refreshments after the meeting and to welcome in the New Year.
    • I'm debating whether that should count as a belated Friday entry or an early Tuesday one.
    • The couple intend to take a belated honeymoon in South America before the fleet sets off on its next leg around Cape Horn.
    • So the sanctions, belated and porous though they were, did have some limited effect.
    • Kris and I went over to my parents' house last night for a belated birthday party for my sister.
    • The city administration has made a belated response to the problem of urbanization.
    • It was a belated birthday present from her family after Alice turned 100 in July.