Translation of belay in Spanish:


amarrar, v.

Pronunciation /bəˈleɪ/ /ˈbiːleɪ/ /bɪˈleɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (rope) Nautical amarrar
    (rope) (in mountaineering) asegurar
    • For a few nights I kept having a nightmare, where I was rockclimbing, and Rowan was belaying me.
    • Losing no time, Simon tied their two 300 foot ropes together and started belaying the pain stricken Joe down the mountain.
    • He eventually got it and scrambled to some anchors before belaying Suzanne from the top of the climb.
    • The climbers are belayed by ropes to a crew at the bottom of the cliff.
    • We down-climbed, belaying one another with our ice axes as anchors.
    • So, I asked him what he weighed to decide whether or not I should be anchoring myself to the ground to belay him.
    • I could feel my pulse in my neck as Steve began belaying Alan up the first 15-20 feet of the climb.
    • But it's also safe, because there's someone belaying you the whole time.
    • The second climber below is attached to the lead climber, and it's his or her job to belay the lead climber in case of a fall.
    • Lucy Creamer, 31, a noted British climber also taking the class, offered to belay him.
    • I stood on the ground below, happy to belay him, not understanding the degree of difficulty he had come up against and that I would follow him into.
    • Paul Saffo, it turns out, has a past as a technical climber, so he belayed Alexander down the cliff.
    • I belayed Paul as he set off, and Mike belayed Ed.
    • The route was technically well within Meaghan's limit, and with my brother belaying me, the three of us completed the ten pitches in just under three hours.
    • Half-way through belaying Tim and Bruce up the last pitch, I start to hear noises that sound like an animal in pain.
    • As I was belaying Bryan to the top I asked Jesus to look west at the sky and see if it's going to get worse.
    • ‘Pull up some slack, please,’ she yelled at Lori, belaying her.
    • Mills was belaying me and was growing impatient.
    • I was belaying Ann, the new climbing hall is way cooler than the original one I went to.
    • Equally important is not standing around the base of the cliff if you are not belaying.
    • I realised that the sump rope was belayed some 4m from the end of the sump, and so I'd crossed the sump pool under water.
    • This lasts for some 20 metres, and then drops steeply into the Far Eastern Bedding Plane, emerging close to where the telephone cable is belayed for the Near Wallows.
    • Also at this point, a telephone cable may be found belayed to a rock.
    • The first pitch requires a 20 metre rope with a pull-back line, and is belayed in an alcove round to the right which is a little awkward to get into.
    • By following a ledge round to the right, a rope can be belayed to a couple of bolts, and a descent made for half a dozen metres down the wall, to just below the lip of the ledge's funnel.
    • This was fine for less than vertical, easy trad and sport climbs, but as the rock got steeper, and the falls more frequent, we found a huge problem with belaying this way.
    • The rope can be belayed back to the pinnacle with a sling.
    • By performing an entertaining pendulum across the shaft to the crevice, the rope can be belayed just inside.
    • I found a spike and bolt only and nowhere to belay a lead in rope.
    • At the start of your penetration, the line should be belayed outside the wreck in open water, then re-belayed just inside but well in sight of daylight.
    • It is even easier to assume you know all there is to know about something as seemingly simple as belaying a leader.
    • Sticking your hook in and belaying the metre and a half of line that is securely karabinered to a strong point on your BC will allow you to add a little buoyancy and fly in the current, with your hands free to work your camera if required.
    • Immediately a curved, rusty, rivet holed plate came into view from which lines had been belayed.
    • You need to belay the line by tying it off at convenient points as you progress.
    • So I climbed back 10m and found somewhere safe for belaying.
    • The ladder can be belayed to number of flakes, and it is possible to swing off halfway down and into a parallel shaft entirely coated with flowstone.
    • He secured the cylinder containing the mechanism to belay more of the spider silk rope to his belt.