Translation of believable in Spanish:


verosímil, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈlivəb(ə)l/ /bɪˈliːvəbl/


  • 1

    (story/account) verosímil
    (story/account) creíble
    with barely believable courage con un valor poco menos que increíble
    • Voters will respond to facts when they are presented in a compelling and believable fashion.
    • It had surprised his parents so much that he'd been interested at all that they'd barely been able to come up with a believable reply.
    • Whilst this sounds believable to a certain extent, I also think it's a dangerous route to take.
    • He sounded believable and Dara felt all trust for him rushing back to her.
    • Rycroft was believable as he had worked for them from 1998 to 2000 and was regarded as trustworthy.
    • The recent evidence presented by him was vague, unreliable and only believable if you already shared his views.
    • It's a good question, because to be believable is the only way that you could be successful.
    • It is scarcely believable that a York bus has come under fire.
    • He's given a fine and believable portrayal of grief and anguish.
    • As the project is researched, we are told a truer, or at least more believable, version of the story by the wife of the man who first told the tale.
    • Obviously a lot of the footage was taken from standard footage of jammed motorways and so on, which helped make it more believable.
    • He made it more believable that Shakespeare would be important enough to change my life.
    • If the rate cuts are seen to be having an effect on the general economy, the idea of a recovery being around the corner may seem more believable.
    • It is believable that he mentioned it in Merimbula because it was on his mind because it had happened the day before.
    • Since then he has notched up a barely believable 126 more hits, including 14 number ones.
    • He admitted hitting himself in the face with a brick to make his tale more believable and was cautioned for wasting police time.
    • In view of the views expressed in the rest of the column, how believable is the apology?
    • No one could decide which of these three claims was most believable.
    • Both assertions are only believable if the context is ignored.
    • No, the problem is the same problem as it always is really - giving people something better and believable to vote for.