Translation of believer in Spanish:


creyente, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈlivər/ /bɪˈliːvə/


  • 1

    creyente masculine, feminine
    • The site helps believers reflect on religious faith in thought and in practice.
    • For Christians, and perhaps other religious believers as well, God is a person.
    • This argument is applicable to the believers of every religion.
    • Religion is found not only in the classical texts of our traditions, but in the lived experience of religious believers.
    • But now more candidates than not are serious religious believers and not at all shy about making that known.
    • It seems that serious religious believers were less likely to become collaborators.
    • Modern believers in various religions will share this view.
    • As we see even today there are many conflicts among believers of the same faith.
    • Before that, though, I would like to stress that I in no way wish to offend believers of other faiths, and that I would in fact love to receive comments from them.
    • Eighty-seven percent of respondents said they think believers of other faiths can receive miracles.
    • Simultaneously, faith also helps believers deal with present unseen forces that threaten.
    • At times like this - of real and unexpected suffering - the faith of believers is tested and refined.
    • Yes, I know that places are made sacred by the celebrations, prayers, and charity of the believers who worship in them.
    • Although five defined themselves as Buddhists, most said that they were not religious believers.
    • This means that no religious officer dictates matters of faith for other believers.
    • There are religious believers who think that God is a physical being, existing in space and time.
    • I suspect that the vast majority of true believers in every major religion have parents and grandparents of the same faith.
    • While they are preaching, believers are expected to show respect to other faiths and behave in a manner that would not tarnish the image of their own religion.
    • And it is worrisome, in particular, for religious institutions and religious believers.
    • The believer still believes that what God decides is acceptable.
  • 2believer in

    partidario de masculine
    partidaria de feminine
    she's a great believer in being frank with people es muy partidaria de ser franca con la gente
    • Will is a great believer in the power of effective business communication but understands just how terrifying speaking in public can be for most people.
    • Ian Searle is a true believer in the effectiveness of cloud seeding.
    • I'm a big believer in using the fullest effective range of motion, but not at the expense of continuous tension.
    • Of course, no believer in freedom can accept that a person should be imprisoned simply because of the ideas that he or she professes.
    • Critical to the film's success is accepting that David is an impassioned believer in the immorality of the Death Penalty.
    • Roy is such a strong believer in the safety and effectiveness of the Life Jacket.
    • I am a firm believer that Euthanasia is a positive thing and this is why
    • I AM a firm believer that the views of residents should always be taken into account in a democratic system.
    • I am a firm believer that smoking in any enclosed public area should be banned.
    • I am a firm believer that those that wish to take their life should not be stopped.
    • Evelyn was a firm believer that sleepovers could fix anything.