There are 2 main translations of bell in Spanish

: bell1bell2


campana, n.

Pronunciation /bɛl/

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      (of church, school, clock) campana feminine
      (on cow, goat) cencerro masculine
      (on cat, toy) cascabel masculine
      (on door, bicycle) timbre masculine
      (of telephone, timer) timbre masculine
      handbell campanilla
      • to ring the bell tocar el timbre/la campana

    • 1.2bells pluralMusic

      campanas feminine
      • He made me an unbelievable trumpet with carvings and designs and a big double bell, like a space-age trumpet.
      • The bell of the trumpet is decorated with a garland bearing the maker's name and the place where the instrument was made.
      • Researchers in Germany have been looking carefully at the after glow of the big bang and have decided that the universe is shaped like a trumpet bell.

  • 2

    • 2.1Sport

      the bell la campana
      • she was in third place at the bell al sonar la campana iba en tercera posición
      • Two minutes after the bell for round one, Liston was the new undisputed champ.
      • Just as the bell ended the fifteenth round, Frazier put his hands up and yelled something at Ali.
      • Right before the bell for the first round the anticipation was high.
      • The referee stepped between them thinking he heard the bell ending the round.
      • Barkley charged out of his corner at the bell for the third round and backed Hearns into a corner.
      • At the bell for round one, he came out fast and was up on his toes circling to the left nonstop.
      • Sampson mauled Johnson the entire last half of the second round and the corner threw in the towel at the bell for round three.
      • He won the world heavyweight title at the age of 22 when his opponent was unable to answer the bell for the seventh round.
      • He struggled to his corner as the bell had already ended the round.
      • To their credit, the boys answered the bell for round two, but it didn't last long.
      • Even at the bell to start the round she stood for a second and looked in disbelief at her coach.
      • He was still landing those bruising jabs at the bell in his going away triumph.
      • Johnson needed the judges help too, because there was no way the fight would end between first and final bell.
      • He looked as if he was going to eke out another methodical round until the two fighters clashed heads just seconds before the bell.
      • At the bell, he attacked and kept firing until the ref called a halt.
      • As the round ended, both fighters got toe-to-toe and exchanged savage blows until and after the bell.
      • He could barely contain himself when his opponent could not answer the bell for the seventh.
      • By the fifth round, he had a point deducted for hitting after the bell.
      • Harrison could well have finished it but the bell intervened to his opponent's relief.
      • Referee Tony Perez reached five in the count and the bell couldn't save Ellis.

    • 2.2(in seafaring)

      campana feminine
      at four bells a las dos horas de empezar el turno
      • to sound two bells dar dos campanadas

  • 3

    • 3.1(of flower)

      campana feminine
      corola feminine

    • 3.2(of instrument)

      pabellón masculine
      campana feminine

There are 2 main translations of bell in Spanish

: bell1bell2


bramar, v.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (stag) bramar
    • The wood in the half-light waking at daybreak to the belling of stags that bursts into barks.
    • During the rut in October and November you can hear the stags belling or roaring.
    • My very earliest memories are of picnics with my mother beneath the great trees in Richmond Park in London, of red deer stags belling in rut, of lightning and thunder.
    • My very earliest memories include playing beneath the trees and listening to the stags belling in the dusk.
    • Just then a stag belled loudly.