Translation of bell-bottoms in Spanish:


pantalones de pata de elefante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛlˌbɑdəmz/

plural noun

  • 1

    pantalones de pata de elefante masculine
    • When the topic of dressing up comes, one would invariably think of the latest low-waist trousers and tops, bell-bottoms and a host of other designer wear.
    • Damien approached the young woman in her faded denim jean bell-bottoms and her Latin flare, colour-splashed top.
    • Remember the bell-bottoms of the '60s and '70s?
    • The girl, who answered to ‘Lee’, looked positively hippie in her black corduroy bell-bottoms and paisley smock with flare-sleeves.
    • ‘Nothing, mom, she just wants to come over’ I clumped back upstairs and changed into a teal sweater and khaki bell-bottoms.
    • Tyler thought she looked rather pretty wearing a pair of jeans she'd made into bell-bottoms herself, and a long-sleeved light blue shirt under a grey polar fleece vest.
    • She had red hair that was long and wavy; she had blue eyes and was wearing bell-bottoms and a shirt that said, ‘I am crazy!’
    • Christina was wearing her hair up in a ponytail, she had high heels that made her seem almost to be Toby's height, pink bell-bottoms, and a baby blue short halter-top.
    • In the last few years, we had a revival of 60s and 70s fashion, with turtlenecks, bell-bottoms and jeans cut to fray dominating the landscape.
    • So it is a lot closer to jeans than bell-bottoms.
    • She kept arguing, but in the end, he found an imitation hippie outfit with serious bell-bottoms and a tye-dye shirt that she consented to wear.
    • She stood and wandered to the bathroom for a five-minute shower, then appeared in the kitchen in bell-bottoms and a fuzzy white sweater.
    • In fact, I think I still have a nice pair of blue and white check bell-bottoms with a cheeky ‘high-waist’ somewhere in my wardrobe.
    • I was trying to run in platform shoes, bell-bottoms and a long coat.
    • When Matt arrives at the doorway, he's wearing not only the glasses but also bell-bottoms.
    • If you need an extra outfit, you can pair yesterday's top with the bell-bottoms from the day before.
    • My friends wore hip huggers and bell-bottoms which I staunchly refused to even consider.
    • I changed into a pair of black bell-bottoms and a white keyhole peasant shirt that had lace on the cuffs.
    • I bought Ronnie a pair of white bell-bottoms with pink candy stripes.
    • Celia was wearing turquoise corduroy bell-bottoms and a tank top, her hair in two French plaits.