Translation of bell-ringing in Spanish:


toque de campanas, n.


  • 1

    (sound) toque de campanas masculine
    (as hobby) campanología feminine
    • Bells and bell-ringing have often been imitated by composers for symbolic purposes.
    • There will be an opportunity for anyone interested in church bell-ringing when two taster evenings will be held at the Church.
    • Her life revolves around her dogs, the local am-dram society, the church, bell-ringing and village gossip.
    • The next day there will be Jubilee church services and bell-ringing across Britain.
    • Bell ringers were once required to do their bell-ringing business in church towers during thunder storms; it was believed that by doing so they would ward off the dangers of devastating lightning strikes.
    • At two I was treated to a full scale bell-ringing display: the bells in the campanile supplemented by a selection of handbells, one rung very loudly at the door of my cell by a monk.
    • The only elaborate aspect of the many churches is the Dutch tradition of bell-ringing.
    • Inside, 5,000 traders whooped as politicians made speeches before the two-minute silence that preceded the traditional 9.30 am bell-ringing that opens the market.
    • ‘We hope it will revive interest in bell-ringing,’ she said.
    • The quacking and bell-ringing just went up a notch!
    • Processions and bell-ringing aroused particular ire among republicans, but disaffected the faithful who regarded this as an insensitive attack upon tradition.
    • It was only when he became a day pupil that he found friends, commuting to school with youngsters who were interested in bell-ringing.
    • Communities nationwide were to observe Sept.11 in their own ways, with services at firehouses, memorial dedications, bell-ringing events and flag ceremonies.
    • And of course, one of the pleasures of this town is way sound travels so easily across it, be it bell-ringing practice on a Tuesday evening, or the sound of the PA at the various fairs.
    • Seriously though, about this bell-ringing problem; it is very easy to fix.
    • The orchestra, as if waiting for this moment all evening, turns up maximum volume in a bell-ringing, drum-beating, cymbal-clanging crescendo.
    • From its timpani-punctuated gloomy, soft rise to the bell-ringing, massive finale it's a work that can be interpreted any which way it pleases you.
    • It was during a bell-ringing session in the tower of Appleton church in Oxfordshire that he was suddenly taken.
    • Most of them were part of a cycling party, there to hear a bell-ringing demonstration and enjoy one of the most scenic churches in Suffolk.
    • But both systems relied upon a bell-ringing regularity to inculcate discipline and order.