Translation of bellboy in Spanish:


botones, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛlˌbɔɪ/ /ˈbɛlbɔɪ/


  • 1

    botones masculine
    • Numerous taxicabs and limousines pulled up to the gilded doorway, dropping off guests while young bellboys carted luggage up the service elevator to various suites.
    • The taxi pulled in front of the hotel and a bellboy immediately retrieved his luggage from the boot of the car.
    • She paid the driver as the bellboys got her luggage and took them up to Justin's room.
    • You are a bellboy in a fancy hotel.
    • Robin instructed a bellboy to take my luggage up to my room.
    • Matt grabbed our key and the girl behind the counter called a bellboy to take our luggage up to our room on the sixth floor overlooking the sea.
    • The valet boys met us eagerly and called for a bellboy to retrieve our luggage.
    • Call room service. The bellboy will eventually arrive and take your bags to the lobby, where you take a taxi to the airport, board a plane, and several connections later, you arrive back in the UK.
    • The bellboys had already taken our luggage up to our rooms and were setting them up for us.
    • She smiled teasingly and blew a kiss at Leo as he began helping the bellboy load up the trolley with the luggage.
    • Inside reminded her of a hotel; maroon carpet, cream walls and bellboys in black and grey suits.
    • I probably wasn't very clever’ - he became, at 16, a bellboy at the London Hilton Hotel. ‘I had no ambition for the industry.
    • Carl shook his head as the bellboys sweated over the task.
    • Seeing how the first option was probably just the product of wishing, I left my duffel bag to the bellboy, who seemed to be struggling to keep Gillian's bags on top of the cart, and marched over to the reception desk.
    • ‘Please come this way,’ said the bellboy politely to us.
    • ‘Here's your room, Madame Ashley and Monsieur Charles ’, the bellboy said, extending his right hand toward the door.
    • ‘Thank you,’ Trent said, wrapping an arm around Ally and following the bellboy up to their room.
    • Anyway, all I did was tell the bellboy in the hall that I had locked myself out, and the next thing I know he's opening the door.
    • Five minutes later the elevator bellboy came running down the hall.
    • We checked in at the desk, and a bellboy brought us up to our suite.