Translation of belle in Spanish:


belleza, n.

Pronunciation /bɛl/


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    belleza feminine
    beldad feminine
    the belle of the ball la reina de la fiesta
    • a Southern belle una belleza sureña
    • In a tribute to these stunning stars, I have chosen to profile some of the most beautiful Hollywood belles of all time.
    • Saratoga may have been filled with beautiful belles, he acknowledges - but his own eldest daughter was ‘the loveliest of them all.’
    • You could doll her up - and Hollywood did - all you wanted, and she'd be the prettiest belle at the ball.
    • You don't want to be the only belle at the ball dressed like Cinderella.
    • Certainly not more beautiful than most of the southern belles that could be found in South Carolina, she was still passable, with blonde hair and dark green eyes.
    • Was it still the time of those opulent balls and of southern belles like Scarlett flirting with everyone?
    • Look at Teri for example, beautiful in her prime but now, no longer a belle.
    • Her fledgling company conjures up headpieces known as ‘fascinators’ - a cross between a hat and a hair accessory - which are proving a hit with mothers of the bride and wedding belles on both sides of the Atlantic.
    • Twelve seaside belles are risking blushes to raise vital cash for two good causes.
    • I am so excited because I'm talking to one of the great southern belles from Georgia.
    • Wedding belles: Wedding dresses and summer blossom were the order of the day in the village this week as some people have two weddings to attend in one weekend.
    • Businessmen adjusted their ties, women applied makeup, and young belles toyed with their locks.
    • The terrible twosome came unstuck after subjecting an innocent group of southern belles to a tirade of verbal abuse in the town centre.
    • She goes from being a Southern belle, who's never been able to do anything practical, to someone who learns to survive under the most terrible circumstances of war and deprivation.
    • Sumptuous buildings rise up from the wooded hillsides, the four-storey mansions are festooned with shapely balconies and are as curvaceous as an Edwardian belle.
    • There was also a southern belle there with what I presumed was her mother.
    • The southern belle is forced to leave her home town in Mississippi following the loss of her family estate to creditors.
    • As a girl, she did everything she was supposed to do: she was a Southern belle who married a dapper genius once he became rich enough to keep her.
    • As I sat and watched in quiet awe, she continued to move with the grace of a southern belle.
    • I heard that the Captain had two southern belles for daughters, but what they did not tell me was that they would be witty as well.