Translation of belligerence in Spanish:


agresividad, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈlɪdʒ(ə)rəns/ /bəˈlɪdʒ(ə)r(ə)ns/


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    agresividad feminine
    • He isn't an ideological pacifist, he just doesn't get the point of aggression and belligerence.
    • While real physical aggression is relatively rare, verbal aggression or belligerence is relatively common.
    • So, to all readers, as well as those I've written about - let me apologize for the displays of pride, pettiness, slander, belligerency, cruelty, and offensiveness - be they intentional or not.
    • Armed conflict is defined in functional terms, unlike a state of war which is triggered by a formal state of belligerency between two states.
    • The whole glib tone of this, the truly jingoistic and arrogant belligerence would be totally unacceptable.
    • Arms and bodies lock together, intimate and aggressive, the closeness fired with belligerence.
    • The president ‘has the inherent authority to thwart acts of belligerency at home or abroad that would do harm to citizens.’
    • Signs of Reye's syndrome include vomiting, lethargy and behavioral changes, such as belligerence.
    • Will belligerency and jingoism solve the issues and problems the two countries face?
    • In fact after reading what the minister did on Wednesday, the President must have felt awfully mortified because he knows belligerence is not for leaders.
    • Towards the end, Sam's boisterousness bordered on belligerence.
    • Underneath all that anger and belligerence is a good kid.
    • But if younger activists want me to move over, they'll have to offer something more than mere belligerence.
    • They bring a sense of confrontation rather then conciliation, belligerence rather than humility and gracelessness rather than gracefulness.
    • The result is either belligerence or isolationism - or both.
    • The leader's belligerence is dangerously irresponsible.
    • He often looks perplexed, as though interrupted from a dream, and you wonder if in the noisy belligerence of the dressing room he does not fade from view like an apparition.
    • Please try to stop this belligerence towards me.
    • The prime minister's belligerence is dangerously irresponsible.
    • He is renowned as much for his belligerence as for his acuity.
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    belicosidad feminine