Translation of belligerent in Spanish:


agresivo, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈlɪdʒərənt/ /bəˈlɪdʒ(ə)r(ə)nt/


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    • And I think we do need to hear what they are saying because they act as a restraint to an aggressive or belligerent response’.
    • He's a good footballer but he's not very aggressive, not very belligerent and I'd like to think that with 20-odd caps he'd be a bit more aggressive than he is.
    • In arguments they are emotionally very aggressive - belligerent, contemptuous, insulting.
    • His team has played a particularly belligerent and aggressive brand of cricket, and I think they're the benchmark against which other international cricket teams have judged themselves.
    • Numerous specific shop-floor situations generated anger and easily drifted into aggressive or belligerent acts, either verbal or physical.
    • Aggressive or belligerent behavior would have undermined the objectives of the expedition and could well have proved suicidal.
    • The government had reason to view him as a representative of vicious, belligerent forces hostile to the West.
    • Such views naturally lead to an ‘aggressive, belligerent foreign policy’, she added.
    • Every cut or twist of tire evokes a different feeling, from scary to charming, aggressive to shy, belligerent to just plain worn out.
    • The kids, especially the boys, are aggressive, belligerent, and rebellious.
    • A belligerent stance was one's only deterrent against other people whose interests were in conflict with one's own.
    • In a fight it could be a communication of how aggressive or belligerent or dominant a lobster is.
    • The country's belligerent veto threats seemed to signal its willingness to force grievous splits in the Security Council.
    • The Chief Minister's belligerent attitude and his subsequent public utterances justifying his stance have only made matters worse for the Centre.
    • They were probably all nice people but they acted like caricatures of government bureaucrats: at once belligerent and ignorant, threatening and uninterested, detached and intrusive.
    • In combination with the threatening and belligerent attitude of the princes, it did much to fuel the violent anti-émigré attitude of the Legislative Assembly during the autumn of 1791.
    • However, when there is a war, of which our people are much experienced, such a naïve attitude can only be disastrous when confronting a belligerent foe, and can only bring great misery to the defending side.
    • The company has taken a belligerent attitude towards the dispute, refusing to negotiate whilst staff remain on strike.
    • A moment later their threatening and belligerent attitude made him realize he and Les were outnumbered and outweighed.
    • The rail companies are taking a belligerent attitude towards the disputes.
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    parte beligerante feminine