Translation of bellow in Spanish:


bramar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛloʊ/ /ˈbɛləʊ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (bull/elephant) bramar
    (cow) mugir
    to bellow at sb gritarle a algn
    • The beast bellowed in pain as it let go of Gilian and hunched over from bloody wounds.
    • One guard bellowed in alarm, the other in pain as Yuki sank her teeth into his arm and kicked his shin.
    • Before the word could leave Mark's lips, Dad bellowed in rage.
    • She bellowed in pain and fell to the floor in agony.
    • The demon bellowed in pain, but it was hardly defeated.
    • He bellowed in pain and slowly slumped to the ground.
    • Nick bellowed in pain, as she scrambled for her purse, crawling away.
    • Several of the bulls started bellowing and the cows mooing.
    • Men were bellowing and roaring as they charged, lost to all rational thought.
    • As the Beast bellowed, the horses bolted in fear.
    • The soldier bellowed and bent over in pain, but still held onto Cairn to the best of his abilities.
    • From our seats we view huge bulls bellowing like gladiators and bowlegged, skinny-bottomed cowboys in chaps nonchalantly smoking rollups.
    • That's not to say musk-oxen are docile around people: Aggressive bulls will bellow at or charge humans when confronted and, on rare occasions, maim or even kill.
    • The bull is bellowing again, there's a burst of rain and wind.
    • The creature was still bellowing presumably due to the smell of blood that now filled the cavern.
    • When the pair arrived back at the scene, the man atop the horse was still bellowing.
    • One person bellowed as he gripped the metal tube in his meaty hands.
    • The beast bellowed and fell back, at this sound another one yowled behind Artemis and as he spun around a sword grazed his side, creating a deep gash.
    • I was bellowing, it was an awful noise, and the next thing I knew I struck out at her.
    • The differently colored animals bounded for the boy, the bear bellowed viciously, the wildcat snarled loudly, and the hawk screeched harshly.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (song) cantar a voz en cuello
    leave that alone!, he bellowed —¡deja eso! —bramó
    • he bellowed his orders dio sus órdenes a gritos
    • An enormous peasant jumped up and bellowed a song in which he imitated all the animals of the barnyard, confusing the animals somewhat, so that he crowed for the mule and whinnied for the pig.
    • As he stammers, then bellows the last chorus of ‘(Do Not Feed The) Oyster ’, the kingdom rejoices: Their prince is free.
    • There were women in various stages of undress, aged hacks bellowing out nationalist folk songs, several figures slumped in corners and enough booze to float a battleship.
    • Reaching out and turning up the radio, she was soothed by the sounds of the group as they bellowed one of their newer songs out of her speakers.
    • Italians are spilling on to the track in their thousands, a beaming rider is being held aloft and crowds of youths are bellowing out a victory song.
    • The English rugby anthem Swing Low, Sweet Chariot was bellowed out by more than 600 fans, eager to see their team finally clinch the longed-for title.
    • Local firefighters who had risked their lives to help in the rescue efforts were sent on a lap of honour in open-topped cars while after a minute's silence the Indianapolis children's choir bellowed out the national anthem.
    • Three sets of drums kept the rhythm steady, flanking him while he bellowed the song's opening lyrics.
    • Although Glenn said it was pretty demanding, it really showed off the strength of his voice as he bellowed out the chorus with the other boys in the background.
    • He held his arms out to the crowd as he bellowed the chorus and danced.
    • When not stopping to bellow a song, they wander into all sorts of unseemly situations.
    • Below his crew bellow a song with gusto “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves” and from high above he cries “That’s the way to do it!”
    • A young man in shirt and tie is pacing and bellowing a song in a strong accent, disturbing the people around him.
    • He stumbles around, bellowing a song about dying on dry land.
    • Hundreds of Canadian expats crammed into the London pub last night, letting out a sustained roar and bellowing the national anthem at least three times after the national men's hockey team won Olympic gold.
    • Once we reached an agreement we rambled through the campsite bellowing the song out and no doubt disturbing the sleep of many.
    • He decides to play drunk, and bellows songs while the cantina staff pick him up and drag him towards the doors.
    • Let us do what the Vikings did for their departed ones and raise giant mugs of mead and bellow songs of warrior conquests!
    • Susan was terrified, she'd bellow songs to scare away ghosts before she ventured into a dark room.
    • It had rained all weekend and I was not in the mood to haul a sodden plant into the house and bellow songs.


  • 1

    (of bull, elephant) bramido masculine
    (of person) bramido masculine
    (of person) grito masculine
    • Letting out a bellow of rage as my feet were swept from under me, I instinctively rolled away just as a tentacle swept the clayey silt where I'd been a fraction of a second ago.
    • With a collective bellow of rage, the creatures advanced.
    • And a ferocious bellow of rage brought the girl back to her senses.
    • A scant few feet in front of the boys, the attacker turned with a bellow of rage.
    • I suddenly open my mouth and let forth a tremendous bellow of laughter.
    • The bellow echoed through the whole house, I was sure.
    • Up ahead, an irritated bellow echoes around the hall.
    • Dad let out a bellow of laughter, which made us all started laughing.
    • She didn't hear the footsteps madly raging towards her, or the ferocious bellow of defiance that should have greeted her ears.
    • He forced a sound out: what started as an infernal bellow emerged as a whimper.
    • That scream from the treetops is answered by another, and another, until the tropical forest shakes under a thundering bellow.
    • He tried to form a mighty bellow but only a shriek escaped his lungs.
    • Lightning flashed in the dark ocean ahead and soon followed by the bellow of the thunder call.
    • Chloe looked up in shock as she heard an angry bellow echo through the huge homestead.
    • The demanding bellow of a team of oxen, coupled with the shouts of their teamster startled them in to moving again.
    • The second guard spoke, his voice a bellow in order to be heard over the murmuring crowd.
    • They shouted at each other, someone called Claire was mentioned and there was many an anguished bellow.
    • The sound of Joseph's bellow drew her eyes back to the center.
    • Deep in the forest of bright green ferns there was a resounding crash, a rustling and, after a short silence, a delighted bellow.
    • There was so much noise already; I didn't want to introduce a competing bellow.