Translation of belly laugh in Spanish:

belly laugh

carcajada, n.


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    carcajada feminine
    • Wouldn't a friendship be better if it could absorb the energy of teasing and laugh a big belly laugh?
    • I found Barron very funny, but it was more of a quiet chuckle than a belly laugh.
    • Hardly a minute goes by without a chuckle or a belly laugh.
    • Thanks to its readers and comic enthusiasts, who apparently love paradoxes and a good belly laugh about them, the monthly magazine has survived the financial crisis of its second year and now has gradually become a comic icon in Bali.
    • After having an hour-long belly laugh about the misfortunes of the party I despise so much, I wondered what kind of impact this might have on the Canadian political scene, especially on the federal level.
    • Whatever it was, Jimmy could bend you over in a belly laugh with a humorous aside and then straighten you up with a devastating critique of foreign policy - all in the same sentence.
    • Thanks to MWO, this transcript gave me a real belly laugh.
    • But then where would the belly laugh have been in that?
    • He got a big belly laugh out of that, which made me like him more.
    • In the comments, you offered several thousand people a belly laugh at your expense - was that the point?
    • Jose looks stunned, then breaks into a deep belly laugh.
    • I have to confess that I always get a good belly laugh out of such nonsense.
    • He lets out a belly laugh, knowing that I've caught the dripping irony in his voice.
    • People have probably noticed that they feel a lot better after a good belly laugh.
    • He throws back his head and laughs a deep belly laugh.
    • Inglewood could not restrain a deep belly laugh.
    • The large man smiled and let out a deep belly laugh.
    • The old woman's face cracked into a smile as her deep belly laugh ruptured and blared until I was sure everyone in the neighborhood had heard it.
    • Let's hope we can all finish this grim year off with a huge riotous belly laugh.
    • Around 16 million adults, totalling 40 per cent, said they failed to muster even one proper belly laugh in an average day.