Translation of belong in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bəˈlɔŋ/ /bɪˈlɒŋ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(be property)

      to belong to sb ser de algn
      pertenecerle a algn

      • it belongs to her
      • does this belong to you?
      • who does that car belong to?
      • you can't give away what doesn't belong to you
      • the lands that belong to them
      • She has been informed of this and we will endeavour to release any such property that belongs to her.
      • He stressed that while the rectory is the vicar's home, the property belongs to the diocese, which made the final decision to carry out the work.
      • The third type of site belongs to a property manager with an inventory of homes in a individual destination.
      • Dispute arose over whether the Broke property, which belongs to friends, was his principle residence.
      • Under it, all property belongs to the state and is equally distributed to farmers who can neither sell it nor leave it unused.
      • This property belongs to the largest private owner of water in Australia.
      • How did the bank give him a loan on a property that belongs to the BMP?
      • Property belongs to the rightful owner, to lawfully use as he or she sees fit.
      • The property belongs to The National Trust and the event takes place on the 26th June.
      • It also makes it more difficult to trace who property belongs to.
      • The property belongs to a York family who stay there in the school holidays and rent it out for the remainder of the year.
      • This tower will be on property belonging to the Masonic Lodge.
      • Property and cash belonging to Meehan and thought to total over €1 million was seized.
      • He says the civil debt recovery company can confiscate property belonging to the offender to cover any award made by the court.
      • They then went on to ransack a hangar belonging to the property, which houses an aeroplane, helicopter and car.
      • They are living in a tiny trailer on the property belonging to a friend of a friend.
      • Property belonging to one of the neighbouring residents was damaged in the incident.
      • The stolen property belonged to employees of the pizzeria.
      • Generally, land belongs jointly to the members of lineages or other kin groups.
      • It has always been said that Westhoughton Cricket Ground doesn't only belong to the members, but belongs to the town in its present location.

    • 1.2(be member)

      to belong to sth
      • we belong to the same club
      • do you belong to a union/political party?
      • Many families in the area had members who belonged to both organizations.
      • Most of the organization's members belong to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
      • But nobody calls it a front for any political organisation, though it has many members who belong to political organisations.
      • Why should members bother to belong to an organisation that negotiates such a dismal contract?
      • What I love about this group is that it belongs to the members - it's their group and they are in control 100 per cent.
      • She belongs to the same charity organization I do, although I am not sure why.
      • To accommodate this situation, the National Party would have to drop its policy of preventing members from belonging to other political parties.
      • As, at this stage, most of the bids will still be in the ring, all those committee members belonging to the competing countries will be barred from this executive meeting.
      • They were also accused of belonging to an illegal organization.
      • They were certified as being members of, or belonging to, or supporting or assisting, an international terrorist group.
      • He recalls that in Houston, people belonging to a Gandhian organization had tried to stop the performances.
      • Equity would maintain anyone not belonging to its organization is not a professional.
      • Well, I belonged to similar organizations in college, and let's just say it wouldn't surprise me.
      • The views I present to you today are solely my own and not those of any client I represent or organization I belong to.
      • Their handlers belong to an organization that promotes animal welfare.
      • Forty-one UK councillors, three London Assembly members and two MEPs belong to the Green Party
      • We are very concerned that people in strategic organizations and people who are well qualified can belong to this organization.
      • A person commits an offence if he belongs or professes to belong to a prescribed organisation.
      • We mourn them also as fellow citizens, killed because they belong to the greater whole to which we also all belong.
      • People, irrespective of the economic strata to which they belong, have become quality conscious.

    • 1.3(be part)

      to belong to sth ser de algo
      pertenecer a algo

  • 2

    • 2.1(have as usual place)

      that jug belongs in the cupboard/with the others esa jarra va en el armario/con las demás
      • put them back where they belong vuélvelos a poner en su lugar

    • 2.2(in category)

      it belongs to the reptile family pertenece a la familia de los reptiles
      • his plays belong in / to the classical tradition sus obras de teatro se inscriben dentro de la tradición clásica
      • these figures belong under the heading of expenses esas cifras deben ir en el apartado de gastos

    • 2.3(be suitable)

      books and music belong in every home los libros y la música no deberían faltar en ningún hogar
      • a man like him belongs on the stage un hombre como él debería dedicarse al teatro
      • this matter doesn't belong in / to our department este asunto no corresponde a / no es de nuestro departamento
      • you belong in / to the Dark Ages! ¡es que eres de la Edad de Piedra!
      • we belong together estamos hechos el uno para el otro

    • 2.4(socially)

      it's good to know you belong es bueno saber que se es parte de algo
      • I still don't feel I belong here todavía no me siento aceptado / a gusto aquí