Translation of belongings in Spanish:


pertenencias, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈlɔŋɪŋz/ /bɪˈlɒŋɪŋz/

plural noun

  • 1

    pertenencias feminine
    • I lost things, had things stolen, had people rummage through my belongings, my drawers.
    • Manny took some personal belongings from Mrs Schendel, but ignored many more valuable items.
    • They add that nobody should leave personal belongings and money lying around a house.
    • Officers raided his room at the college that day to search his personal belongings and took five letters away.
    • Their coats, wallets, mobile phones and other personal belongings were stolen.
    • Police or security guards can inspect the personal belongings of people as they enter the premises.
    • I just hope that it results in security checks on people's belongings being tightened up.
    • We had boxed up all our personal belongings to make room in our second bedroom for our new baby daughter.
    • None of his belongings had been interfered with and no possessions had been stolen.
    • The sprinters claim they were unaware of the tests and had returned home for personal belongings.
    • The burglars also stole many personal belongings that Cilla will never be able to replace.
    • The whole family had to move upstairs after their belongings had been made safe.
    • Once there, I laid my belongings out to dry and made plans to visit a local quarry.
    • I've completely downsized all my belongings, and can pack all of my clothes into one suitcase.
    • Homeless people were then asked to pay fifty dollars for the return of their belongings.
    • Then we were instructed to leave our belongings behind and return to the departure gate.
    • Their belongings were packed into plastic bags and the family was driven to Dublin by car.
    • She walked into the room to find a man searching through her belongings.
    • I had a need to go fetch his last belongings and bring them home to my house to wash them.
    • I noticed that his belongings formed a round bulge in the bottom of a plastic carrier bag.