Translation of below in Spanish:


debajo de, prep

Pronunciation /bəˈloʊ/ /bɪˈləʊ/

See Spanish definition of abajo


  • 1

    • 1.1(under)

      debajo de
      abajo de Latin America
      the room directly below this one la habitación justo debajo de esta
      • 500m below the surface a 500m bajo la superficie / por debajo de la superficie

    • 1.2(downstream of)

      más abajo de

  • 2

    (inferior, junior to)
    por debajo de
    all employees below executive level todos los empleados por debajo del nivel ejecutivo
  • 3

    (less than)
    por debajo de
    below average inferior a / por debajo de la media
    • interest rates are back below 10% los tipos de interés vuelven a estar por debajo del 10%
    • if you earn below £8,000 a year si ganas menos de 8.000 libras al año
    • below zero bajo cero
    • if the temperature falls below 20°C si la temperatura desciende por debajo de 20°C
    • below standard por debajo del nivel exigido


  • 1

    • 1.1(underneath)

      put it on the shelf below ponlo en el estante de abajo
      • the people in the apartment below la gente del apartamento de abajo
      • down below we could see … abajo veíamos …
      • seen from below visto desde abajo
      • It fell a few feet below us, then came zooming back up straight at me.
      • So he jumped below and spread the chart of Mag Bay out on the table and yelled soundings and direction to me.
      • And one, two three....the young giant leapt into the Sea below.
      • If you slip, you go tumbling over the roof into the expanse below.
      • He fell past the tree and onto the ground below.

    • 1.2Nautical

      to go below bajar
      • The wind at the time the captain went below was blowing a fresh breeze from east-north-east, with a heavy sea, which increased to a violent gale; he was, however, not called until 2 o'clock.
      • We did not think it very serious so went below again cursing the iceberg for disturbing us.
      • I went below to rest, because I would be on watch later.
      • Despite the excitement of my first sea voyage, I was asleep almost as soon as we went below to the cabin which I shared with my baby brother Charles, just seven months old.
      • Eight o’clock came, and the watch went below, and, for the whole of the first hour, the ship was tearing on, with studding-sails out, alow and aloft, and the night as dark as a pocket.

    • 1.3 literary (on earth)

      en la tierra
      here below aquí en la tierra

  • 2

    (in text)
    más abajo
    see diagram below véase el diagrama más abajo
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  • 3

    (of temperature)
    20 (degrees) below 20 (grados) bajo cero