Traducción de benediction en Español:


bendición, n.

Pronunciación /ˌbɛnəˈdɪkʃ(ə)n/ /ˌbɛnɪˈdɪkʃ(ə)n/


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    bendición femenino
    • Raising her hands, she said a brief benediction.
    • The focus passage closes with a brief, moving benediction.
    • It was somewhat with surprise that she heard the acolytes singing the benediction, and she brought her full attention back to the matter at hand.
    • The error must have happened when he transcribed the benediction.
    • In January, he delivered the benediction at the President's inauguration.
    • We close with a communion service; youth serve the older members the bread and wine, saying a special blessing and benediction upon their new friends.
    • It makes, however, an imposing finale, since it is on the whole cheerful in mood - in the key traditionally associated with blessing and benediction.
    • He laid his own over ours in a sort of benediction, a blessing.
    • Immediately he remembered Brahma, and he prayed to him, ‘I want to use that benediction, that special benediction.’
    • After a rousing closing hymn and benediction, people were leaving with pleased looks on their faces - even though some of them were clearly thinking hard about what they had just heard and experienced.
    • An encouraging and positive General Assembly passed into history on the Thursday evening with the singing of Psalm 122 and the apostolic benediction.
    • Baptisms are performed out of a horse trough, and ‘Happy Trails To You ‘constitutes the sung benediction.’
    • But before I turn the service back over to our pastor for his benediction, I will have to return to the state of my mother's soul.
    • A chaplain is trying to deliver the closing benediction with confetti and late-arriving balloons still cascading down from the rafters.
    • Three volleys would be fired by the guard, and the Last Post played, followed by a prayer, hymn, and benediction.
    • Is it really true, for instance, as the pastor has heard from a brave few, that a majority of the older parishioners would like to have noneucharistic church services conclude with Benediction?
    • Morning prayer at Iona never concludes with a benediction; evening prayer never begins with a call to worship.
    • As the convention concluded, a revivalist preacher conducted a benediction.
    • There was a gospel choir, a Hispanic singer of the national anthem and a rabbi offering a benediction.
    • The service concluded with a joint benediction by the pastors of the four churches and a dismissal by Deacon Carol.
  • 2Benediction

    bendición sacramental femenino