Translation of benevolence in Spanish:


benevolencia, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈnɛvələns/ /bɪˈnɛv(ə)l(ə)ns/ /bɪˈnɛvəl(ə)ns/ /bɪˈnɛvələns/

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    benevolencia feminine
    bondad feminine
    • As Confucius saw long ago, benevolence or concern for humanity is the indispensable root of it all.
    • After all, how can we expect a person who is cruel to small creatures to show kindness and benevolence to his countrymen?
    • Any positive act of benevolence or good will is one that could be considered sacred.
    • They have repeatedly given up their time to save lives and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their benevolence.
    • The disaster left the world in great grief, but it has responded with unprecedented benevolence.