Translation of benign in Spanish:


benévolo, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈnaɪn/ /bɪˈnʌɪn/

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    (person/attitude) benévolo
    • What makes an otherwise gentle and benign guy like him speak so callously and cruelly of 950 deaths?
    • Visually, the show is a treat, and the tone is mostly benign and gentle.
    • She was so gentle and benign, but worked so cleverly with people.
    • She was a benign, kind and gentle lady whom Julia had admired, respected and adored greatly.
    • The mating game we were witnessing in the penguin colony was gentle and benign by comparison.
    • The bookworm, Benjamin noted, was a gentle creature, a benign agent of history.
    • He had a warm, benign nature and offered himself to you as a friend and ally.
    • The owner is front of house and seems permanently genial and benign as we all might be if we lived, as he, his wife and children do, in such a mood-improving environment.
    • And any benign thoughts my party may have harboured evaporated when our scheduled, relatively short sail took more than four hours to complete.
    • So I suppose the only point I am making is that the reader should not, in my opinion, mistake this kindly and benign country for the real thing.
    • At the moment, though, the normally benign Morris has fallen into a stern mood.
    • However benign her motives, though, she should have been stopped.
    • The open eye, which had been fairly benign and friendly up until then, narrowed slightly into a bit of a glare.
    • It shows a benign countenance, the face of a genial, gentle man.
    • His eyes twinkle in that benign manner that makes me feel like I'm at a candy shop, talking to the old shop keeper.
    • He relaxed his pace, removed the look of appraisal and curious scrutiny from his face and replaced it with one of nonchalant friendliness and benign interest.
    • The village spirits are considered benign, helping people to have good and happy lives so long as proper rituals are observed.
    • At home, his bond with his stepfather contributed to his benign and affectionate feelings toward men.
    • I believe the balance sheet of Australian history is a very generous and benign one.
    • I remember very well having the extraordinary sense that this place was very special - a benign and benevolent land.
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    (conditions) propicio
    (influence) benéfico
    (climate) benigno
    • Jersey's benign climate and free-draining sandy soil provide the ideal environment for over 80 species of lavender.
    • We often work in a benign weather environment, but we always should be prepared to handle weather contingencies.
    • The opposite is true for most Australian wine production, where a benign climate and massive hydroponic systems deliver grapes that are almost identical from one year to the next.
    • Land that is close to major cities, has good views, is close to water and has a benign climate, attracts migrants from the urban areas.
    • The region's benign climate, chalky terrain and spectacular summer light is a wine-maker's dream.
    • If sown now these will be ready for transplanting at the end of March when the climate is more benign.
    • It is said that due to its benign climate, the best tenors have always come from Italy.
    • The northeast of Tasmania is often noted for its relatively benign climate, and certainly receives much less rain than the western half of the island State.
    • In persistently windy areas consider planting a windbreak to create a more benign climate for your garden.
    • That allows us to be a major, efficient agricultural producer, and the key factor is the relatively benign climate that we enjoy in our temperate region.
    • The winter freeze and spring thaw climatic conditions are also not typical of Australia's relatively benign climate.
    • On a summer's day Ben Nevis appears to be a benign environment, with a track leading to the summit used by around 70,000 walkers a year.
    • I thought permaculture was about creating synergy between plants so that you develop a little benign ecosystem in your backyard.
    • We are used to really quite benign weather patterns.
    • Only 2 percent of the globe enjoys this benign weather pattern, envied by the rest of the world, where warm, dry summers follow mild, wet winters.
    • Even seemingly benign weather will heat up a roof.
    • When confronted by a stress, a mobile organism can seek refuge in physically benign microhabitats or abandon the area entirely.
    • Durban has the most benign tropical climate in Africa.
    • Breakoffs and override have occurred without warning, under locally benign weather conditions.
    • Then in the Holocene we had a period of benign climatic stability.
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    (tumor/growth) benigno
    • It is currently believed that most colorectal carcinomas start as benign adenomas that undergo malignant transformation into adenocarcinoma.
    • The difference between malignant and benign tumours is that malignant tumours have the ability to invade surrounding areas.
    • Pleomorphic adenoma is a benign neoplasm that occurs in major or minor salivary glands.
    • In the brain, both malignant and benign tumours can be harmful because they increase pressure in the skull.
    • A more sinister consequence of prolonged sun exposure is the greatly increased incidence of both benign and malignant tumours.
    • In actual fact, for the vast majority of cases, the childhood infectious diseases are benign and self-limiting.
    • Her past medical history was significant only for an abdominal hysterectomy performed more than 10 years earlier for benign disease.
    • Levels exceeding 10 ng per mL are rarely due to benign disease.
    • The specimens for histologic diagnoses in these groups were obtained by hysterectomies performed to treat other benign diseases.
    • Isolated atrial and ventricular ectopic beats in pregnant women without existing heart disease are usually benign.
    • Patients with prostate cancer tend to have lower free-total ratios than do patients with benign disease.
    • Polymyalgia is not a benign disease, but correctly treated it can be controlled.
    • Asthma in young children is no longer considered a benign disease, since it often presents with acute exacerbations.
    • Because the syndrome is benign most individuals do not even know they carry a hemoglobin abnormality.
    • Infections are typically benign, asymptomatic, and lifelong.
    • As it turned out, subsequent events proved that the suspected cancer was benign.
    • Following up the placebo arm of a randomised trial can be a good way of tracking the course of benign diseases.
    • They've been inserting bits of it into other strains of flu that wouldn't normally kill mice, and seeing whether the changes make that benign flu more lethal.
    • Accordingly, SARS-associated coronavirus may not change rapidly into a benign infection.
    • Uncomplicated infections are generally benign but, if not treated, can interfere with daily life.
    • Fever may be a marker of sepsis, localized infection, occult bacteremia, or benign illness.
    • The disease seems to be benign in chimpanzees, too.
    • It is difficult to distinguish premalignant lesions from more common benign inflammatory conditions in the general population.
    • Each year scores of different respiratory viruses cause a mostly benign illness, which cannot be distinguished clinically by causal agent.
    • ‘But it is generally quite a benign condition, which is easily managed and treated,’ Dr Pye said.