There are 2 main translations of bent in Spanish

: bent1bent2


Pronunciation /bɛnt/

past tense & past participle

There are 2 main translations of bent in Spanish

: bent1bent2


curvado, adj.


  • 1

    (pipe/branch) curvado
    (pipe/branch) torcido
    • Working with animal forms, she's used compressed mattress springs and bent wire to form quirky, ethereal beings.
    • Wires and bent iron rods that once reinforced the concrete dangle from the ceiling.
    • Peg the stem securely into the trench with bent wire. Bend up the shoot tip and tie to a cane fixed firmly in the soil to keep the shoot upright.
    • The bent wires and wind-twisted poles surrounded the area and at the far end, an abandoned warehouse stood within the storm.
    • I made the best of it though, and barely noticed the increasing dampness of my right shoulder under the bent right-half corner of my umbrella.
    • Dust the wound with rooting hormone, then lay it along the bottom of your hole, using a bent piece of wire to keep it in place.
    • If wind blows the netting around, anchor it into the ground with bent wire.
    • My jeans snag onto a bent section of wire, jutting squarely out into the space.
    • The risk to the shoulder is such that a rounded-off, bent elbow technique is a better, safe approach.
    • Then it all came back: the angle of the stroke, the bent knees and stooped posture, the gliding rhythm.
    • The shape of his bent body is echoed perfectly by the curve of the car's steering wheel.
    • Begin lying supine with the ball between bent knees and extend your arms above your shoulders.
    • His arrows were at his side and a lute was strung over his back with its bent neck protruding over his shoulder.
    • A little further along there was a bent bicycle wheel, a set of keys…
    • But, most of these figures have a limited range of posture, with the bent head, suggesting defeat, or failure.
    • Containing bent pins, human hair and perhaps urine, the bottles were supposed to protect a household against evil spells.
    • So her mum used a bent oven tray to scoop up all the caterpillars.
    • The damage to his car was a bent chassis leg, damage to the bonnet, two wings, bumper and cross member.
    • Unfortunately his car had to be withdrawn from the feature due to a bent axle.
    • A horde of boys and girls is playing next to it, doing gymnastics on a bent lamp pole.
  • 2British slang

    • 2.1(corrupt)

      pringado Spain slang
      chueco Latin America informal
      • Most punters are aware that there are a few bent people in racing but if anything, that gives it a bit of interest, something to gossip about.
      • This is as bad as a bent cop forging evidence to put a real criminal away.
      • Then a cold glint appeared in his eye as a reminder of just what he's seen and potentially done in all his years as a bent cop.
      • They were shaken down by bent cops, leaned on by mobsters and harried by the FBI.
      • It depicts a world of violence, greed and corruption peopled by hookers, bent and not so bent cops and twisted violent lunatics.
      • He is only interested in the truth and along the way comes up against bent cops, the mob and an extremely hostile family, who are hiding the truth from their own.
      • He mixes easily with criminals, and suspicions abound that he was a bent copper who left under a cloud.
      • The plot is that the parole officer witnesses a murder committed by a bent copper.
      • Perhaps the company might like also to consider a device which can detect meetings between cricketers and bent bookies - now that would be a breakthrough.
      • But once a stolen masterpiece or a valuable objet d'art appears in the press, on TV, or in trade publications, no honest dealer will touch it and even the bent dealer handles it at his peril.
      • By using data transmitted directly from the vehicle, the likelihood of false readings is much reduced - which is good news for everybody but the bent salesman.
      • Stopping a horse winning in the old days usually required the involvement of an old-fashioned bent bookie, a breed that has become rare since betting became corporatised.

    • 2.2slang, offensive (homosexual)

      to be bent ser del otro bando informal


  • 1

    inclinaciones feminine
    people of (an) artistic bent personas con inclinaciones artísticas
    • He has a talent for being a down-and-out guy and he has a natural bent for comedy, as Russ reminded me on the way out of the theater.
    • For those of you with time on your hands and a similar bent for political theater, you can download the images for flagmaking here.
    • But behind her vulnerable persona was a woman who was a ‘practised liar’ with a bent for sexual fantasy.
    • In fact, in the sense employed in this article, there is no intrinsic connection between having a bent for ideas and having a high IQ.
    • Maybe the best bets for taking on this project are bright lawyers who combine a bent for original thinking with a desire to work on behalf of public good.
    • More than anyone else, Dante never failed to make her want to laugh or scowl or rage - and had the bent for inducing within her the latter.
    • Howard has a bent for rebellion and grand causal schemes and shares that and other preoccupations with his grandparents.
    • For nearly as long, pilgrims with a bent for writing have felt compelled to set down what they experienced.
    • We'll be hearing from a few people who would definitely be classed as New Agers, but with a bent for ecological activism.
    • She comes from New Caledonia near Australia and made the headlines when she seemed to show a bent for physics.
    • He particularly points out that James proved a highly capable naval officer, a career for which he seems to have had a natural bent.
    • Our natural bent toward efficiency in consuming information will turn blogs into another mainstream medium.
    • The music led him to art classes and then, in the 1960s, he began to apply his creative bent to the construction skills he had learned in the navy.
    • Intentionally choosing people with varying experiences, bents and expertise is preferable.
    • One can also find differences in the attitudes of the professionals depending on their ideological bent.
    • His mother didn't have time or inclination to shape his creative bents, so he did so alone, and with the aid of teachers or circumstances.
    • Voices shift in the canticle, and interpretations vary widely, depending on the era and religious bent of the reader.
    • Whatever your political or religious bent, you're not likely to be offended by this movie.
    • Research requires an inquisitive and independent bent, and rewards these talents handsomely.
  • 2

    aptitud feminine
    a bent for languages aptitud para los idiomas