Translation of bequest in Spanish:


legado, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈkwɛst/ /bɪˈkwɛst/

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    legado masculine
    • Funding comes from campaigns, bequests, legacies and the continuing generosity of citizens.
    • From various patrons they may receive outright gifts, sponsorships, bequests, donations in kind and money.
    • Alumni and other private donors contributed $156 million more in donations, bequests and non-government grants and contracts.
    • Earlier this year the foundation successfully bid £26,000 using money from its Development Fund, comprising bequests and donations by members.
    • Funded largely by public donations and bequests, the RPSCA has a privileged status as the inspector and prosecutor of state laws on animal cruelty.
    • The support to the annual appeal, requests for donations, bequests and events organised by the society has been fantastic and is much appreciated.
    • The Flower Fund is funded by bequests, along with donations given instead of flowers at funerals, from which it takes its name.
    • The charity gets no support from national or local government and is entirely reliant on donations, bequests and fundraising.
    • However the opportunities to grant bequests, or to leave legacies and gifts are pre-empted.
    • And outright gifts and bequests to charity are completely free of inheritance tax.
    • The religious charity said today it was ‘humbled’ by the generosity of one of the biggest bequests ever made.
    • The financial means to pursue these objectives came from benefactors' bequests some of which were very considerable - and economic activities.
    • Those with significant assets are more likely to fund large charitable gifts or bequests, making for more challenging work.
    • Alternatively, you could offer what is left of the value of your estate after all debts and administration expenses have been settled and any specific bequests have been met.
    • This inaugural donation of silver to the society was followed by many more gifts and bequests of family silver over the next century.
    • Monasteries were foremost among the great landowners because, as in western Europe, they received donations and bequests from the laity.
    • Ninety percent of the collections are gifts or bequests.
    • Meanwhile, the picture collection continued to grow by purchase, bequests, and marriage settlements.
    • Outline the division of your estate giving details of cash legacies to friends or charities, bequests of specific property.
    • One idea for improvement might be to tax each bequest rather than the estate as a whole: smaller bequests would be untaxed.