Translation of berg in Spanish:


iceberg, n.

Pronunciation /bərɡ/ /bəːɡ/


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    iceberg masculine
    • In the 1990s a berg the size of Oxfordshire broke off the Antarctic ice shelf and was widely hailed as proof of global warming.
    • Kooyman said the site visits confirm what the photographic evidence appeared to show: ice conditions produced by the collisions of the giant bergs with the shoreline
    • There are some antiseptic-blue overtones to it, too, and a whole spectrum of greens where the berg descends into the depths out of sight.
    • The bergs, driven towards the lake outlet by katabatic winds, become stranded as they move into shallower waters.
    • Eventually the berg struck the glacier with only a glancing blow, nevertheless breaking off enough of the ice tongue that maps of the region needed redrawing.