Translation of berm in Spanish:


arcén, n.

Pronunciation /bərm/ /bəːm/

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    arcén masculine
    berma feminine Andes
    hombrillo masculine Venezuela
    banquina feminine River Plate
    acotamiento masculine Mexico
    • Pools that hold water (except during drought conditions) occur in the Park at two locations just behind the Potomac River berm.
    • At Turkey Point in the sandy berms out in the salt marsh, large stands of the non-native Teesdalia nudicaulis were noted in bloom.
    • The building hovers above a stabilised berm, turning with the river to reinforce landform and contour.
    • The vegetated area may be either a long, grassed, gently sloping channel or a broad, flat area with a slight slope away from the inlet surrounded by a berm or dike.
    • Though progress is being made both on the berms separating New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain and the pumps that eventually will de-water - a government term - a drowned city.
    • With the creek barrier now open and a solid berm built across the avulsion channel, the heavy rains return.
    • The water crept to the top of the massive berm that holds back the lake and then spilled over.
    • They constructed stone filter berms around all storm water drains and cleaned and relined two settling ponds with stone in an effort to improve the quality of stormwater being discharged to Lake Huron.
    • Both islands are composed of granite bedrock with numerous boulder and rock slab berms; rock crevices within those features are the primary nest sites for puffins in the Gulf of Maine.
    • But their survival is threatened by loss of habitat - especially the sandy berms where they nest - and by humans.
    • By the time you step out on the lanai, which overlooks the pool and a secluded bay guarded by berms of lava rock, you've almost forgotten you're in Hawaii.
    • He says that berms are highly effective, yet unobtrusive.
    • To catch rainwater, build berms on the downhill side of the plants using soil from the planting holes.
    • I sped along the road, which headed across the retreating reservoir, and, as I started to fishtail, realized that this road was actually a berm.
    • It soon was apparent that what showed as paths on the map were actually berms running beside irrigation canals.
    • Steep profiles usually consist of a marked landward ridge, usually referred to as the berm, which forms the landward limit of wave swash.
    • They did this by excavating a portion of the ditch and constructing a series of berms to retain water.