Translation of berth in Spanish:


litera, n.

Pronunciation /bərθ/ /bəːθ/


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    (couchette, bunk) litera feminine
    (couchette, bunk) cucheta feminine River Plate
    (cabin) camarote masculine
    • It's rough being in the upper berth in a two-story train.
    • There are overweight ones who shudder at the thought of having to sleep on an upper berth in a train.
    • Check the sleeping arrangements carefully: There's usually a mix of larger cabins with full beds and tiny compartments with upper and lower berths.
    • Even though modern train berths are masterfully designed to use every inch of space, you won't be spreading your arms and twirling around much.
    • We relished that sundown for hours afterwards, when we lay in our berths, letting the train's gentle rocks lull us into safe slumber.
    • Luckily I got a reserved berth and the train left for Kolkatta on schedule.
    • We slept over in the cabin and I was given an upper berth in one of the rooms.
    • He wanted her co-passenger to go to the upper berth.
    • My daughter quickly took the upper berth and was soon fast asleep.
    • In my upper berth, there were a couple times when I was sure that we'd derailed.
    • Despite being crammed on an upper berth, a group of little children seems cheerful.
    • Unobserved, he took the vacant upper berth of a crowded compartment and overheard the loud conversation of a group of British officers.
    • So they'd hide me in an upper berth and that's where I'd sleep.
    • Our 42-footer had four spacious cabins with doubles and two cabins with single berths.
    • Depending on the cabins, there are queen berths, twins, or upper/lowers.
    • The five factors were age, passenger capacity, the number of berths and cabins, the number of lane metres, the car carrying capacity and the speed.
    • A man appears silently and puts a pile of thin books on one of the berths in our compartment.
    • But, we were young, and the campers enjoyed swinging from one upper berth to another as they had in earlier trips.
    • For a change he hadn't been sea sick, even having to share a six berth cabin, throbbing with the heat and noise of the engine, deep in the bowels of the ferry.
    • The cabins are a wonder of microdesign, a snug berth, a washbasin and room to turn round, almost.
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    atracadero masculine
    • And although discussions are still ongoing, Scotland Yard today refused to rule out a mooring berth for the container-like ship off the coast.
    • We will now provide two finger wharves with 20 public berths and you'll see a total revamp.
    • The total quay length measures 2630m and the port offers 11 commercial shipping berths, a repair quay and a drydock.
    • A safety zone was established around all visiting Navy and foreign ships as they transited to their berths at the piers on the Hudson River.
    • During early 2000, the system was used to guide a large ship to its berth in the harbour at Genoa, Italy.
    • Besides, a quota of 40 berths is allotted for each continent.
    • There are equally ambitious plans to turn the former docks into a new berth for cruise liners, injecting £40m of tourism income into the economy.
    • They reached the berth where his ship was currently docked.
    • It's an attraction in itself to rise early in the morning to watch the enormous luxury liners taxiing into a berth at the wharf near the bauxite terminal.
    • The development proposal includes a new bayside village with 800 waterfront blocks, up to 200 marina berths, a community yacht club, new beaches and waterfront parks.
    • Entertainers from all over the world will take part in the city-wide entertainment that will accompany the berthing of the ships in the city - all in the original berths taken by tall ships decades ago.
    • On the local waterway there is an increasing demand for marina berths.
    • The Government panicked and announced that the airport would be closed all day today, the cruise ships left their berths to head out to deeper water, while first reports suggested that the storm would be here by midnight.
    • That afternoon and for most of the next day, we went in and out, alongside from every direction, picked up buoys, anchored, and entered and left marina berths.
    • While there is no waiting list for berths on the marina, the pontoons that have been installed further upstream have already attracted enquiries from boat owners.
    • A private marina of 60 berths will be built at a later stage.
    • Meanwhile, the board heard that it has been a good season for the marina and all permanent berths have been allocated.
    • Sailing is a favourite pastime and the estate has its own marina, with berths available to hire.
    • It is already privately owned by the 700 berth holders who own berths there and who pay rent on them.
    • He looked dully around, then realised that the boat was not at its berth in the marina.
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    (job, position)
    puesto masculine
    a starting berth un puesto de (jugador) titular
    • The six gymnasts who competed on each event earned their berths at the semi-final competition held two weeks ago.
    • India also would be looking for a victory to book a berth in the finals as their final match is against Sri Lanka.
    • As she got used to the testing conditions, she pushed through to the third and final qualifying position, denying her opponent of a semi-final berth.
    • There are only two Olympic berths in each event.
    • The hosts had failed to win a berth in the mega event despite being given two chances.
    • The Thunderbirds, on the other hand, have rattled off four consecutive victories and clinched a berth in the post-season with the victory.
    • His first year competing in the Senior level, he did remarkably well in a very competitive series to reach the semi-final berth.
    • The win not only gives them a berth in the semifinals but improved the team's overall record to 33-0 as well.
    • This is sure to draw a huge crowd to the local venue and there will be much at stake as both teams strive to secure a semi-final berth.
    • She will complete round-robin play against her opponent Saturday, with the winner earning a semifinal berth.
    • The men in blue were looking to seal the semi-finals berth of World Cup cricket against Sri Lanka.
    • It took a crushing 6-0 victory on the last day of the Group 3 campaign to clinch their berth at the finals.
    • We needed to beat these guys to clinch the playoff berth for us.
    • This earned them a spot in the playoffs where they clinched a playoff berth.
    • Spain, Holland, Germany, Australia and Argentina are the strong contenders for the semi-final berths.
    • The semi-final berths were secured by the top ranked teams from each of the four regional areas who now progress through to the business end of the tournament.
    • Achieving a semi-final berth for some is a huge achievement.
    • This year his performances have been inconsistent but his semi-final berth at a recent tournament show he is approaching peak form just in time.
    • The early game between Chile and the USA was decisive for both teams, with the winner earning a berth in the semi-finals.
    • He knelt on the mat and raised his arms in the air, crestfallen that he had been so close to a semi-final berth - and yet so far.

transitive and intransitive verb

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