Translation of beside in Spanish:


al lado de, prep

Pronunciation /bəˈsaɪd/ /bɪˈsʌɪd/


  • 1

    (at the side of)
    al lado de
    junto a
    she's the one beside me in the photograph es la que está a mi lado en la foto
    • There was a small table with a bowl beside his bed and a person sat on a chair overlooking him.
    • They sat at one of the better tables up beside the parapet overlooking the courtyard.
    • Aiden was kind enough to ask me to sit beside him at the table that he had all to himself.
    • She sat down beside me at the table, silent for a long moment before asking a question.
    • When I found it in my pocket that night, I put it on the table beside my bed.
    • She pulled a tissue out of the box on the table beside the bed and wiped her own cheeks with it.
    • The alarm goes off steadily on the bedside table beside the bed, two short double-beeps and a long.
    • She walked back to the trunk and took the photo out and placed it on the small table beside the bed.
    • Access is either through the side alleyway beside the pub or from the car park at the rear.
    • In the evening he stood beside me as I sat at my dressing table removing my make-up.
    • Sitting at a window table beside the raised ring road we were hardly aware how much traffic was about.
    • He placed it on the table beside the love seat she had chosen, and sat down next to her.
    • He wasn't surprised when the hunter arrived at the house later and sat beside him at the long table.
    • They managed to locate the man near the phone box and noticed that he had a petrol can sitting beside him.
    • I was sitting in a low chair with my laptop on a coffee table beside me.
    • Her husband, who was sitting beside her, sustained a whiplash injury and an injury to his shoulder.
    • Young boys sat beside the masters, learning by watching and then experimenting on a small scale.
    • He was content to sit there beside her, head on her shoulder, watching her write up her research notes.
    • I had my lunch sitting beside the war memorial cross in an almost grotto-like setting.
    • A few clothes lie folded on a chair, make-up spread on a table beside her computer.
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    (compared with)
    al lado de
    beside her, anyone looks tall al lado de ella / a su lado, cualquiera parece alto
    • But I feel ugly beside Willow and wonder how she can bring herself to look at me, never mind kiss me.
    • She is so clever and intelligent, I look at her and think "Wow, I feel stupid beside her".
    • They might just feel stupid beside those who are much better than themselves.
    • Don't feel ugly beside them, you're beautiful in a classy way.
    • Just about everyone knows what it’s like to be unsure about his or her future, and to feel inadequate beside someone else.
    • I feel inadequate beside such a combination of beauty and formal writing education.
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