Translation of besiege in Spanish:


sitiar, v.

Pronunciation /bəˈsidʒ/ /bɪˈsiːdʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    an angry crowd besieged the embassy una muchedumbre enfurecida rodeó / cercó la embajada
    • the village was besieged by reporters el pueblo se vio asediado por periodistas
    • For the entire morning and much of the afternoon, Central Security forces besieged the city centre.
    • Battle lines were drawn: Henry brought up forces to besiege the town, while Henry the Younger was joined by troops from his brother Geoffrey and the new king Philip of France.
    • While state security forces besieged the village and cut phone lines to prevent communication with the outside world, he sent in trucks full of hired thugs to take control.
    • Three assaults on Richmond by Grant were repelled by Lee, after which Union forces besieged the Confederate capital through the winter.
    • The city was besieged by Parliamentarian forces trying to starve the Royalists out.
    • In a running battle that took a heavy toll of British soldiers' lives, the New England militia forced the redcoats back to Boston and besieged the port city.
    • In March 1628 a Spanish army besieged its key fortress of Casale, while a Piedmontese force occupied the remainder of the duchy.
    • This style of warfare, with its double lines of siege works often constructed on a scale almost as elaborate as the defences of the place being besieged, could frequently consume entire campaigns.
    • York was at the centre of an epic battle for control of the north of England that year, after the Royalist forces in the city were besieged during the spring.
    • Therefore, it becomes a prudent idea not to practice scorched earth policies when besieging an enemy city.
    • He clearly felt that it would have been better not to besiege the city in the first place, but that once the siege was begun it should have been carried through to completion.
    • A considerable British force was besieged at Kut and surrendered in April 1916.
    • The town was besieged and taken, but later fell into disuse.
    • When you besiege a city by an army, you're just making them integrate together, and there will be a code of warriors trying to fight for their lives, which is wrong.
    • Meanwhile, the main body of the army was besieging the great city which was finally conquered after seven months.
    • Minos besieged his town and his daughter Scylla cut the lock from his head and offered it to him.
    • So the order is to besiege civilian areas and use food and water as a weapon.
    • As Hannibal's army ravaged the Italian countryside and besieged allied cities and towns, the Roman army followed it at a safe distance.
    • The same stronghold was besieged in 1136, when miners again attempted to demolish the walls.
    • The city of Lyon refused to carry out instructions from Paris and the city was besieged for two months.
  • 2

    to besiege sb with sth
  • 3literary

    besieged by doubts acosado por las dudas
    • besieged by worries abrumado por las preocupaciones