Translation of besotted in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bəˈsɑdəd/ /bɪˈsɒtɪd/


  • 1

    to be besotted with sb/sth
    • Ever since her childhood in York - she was an only child - she has been besotted with the uses of enchantment in fairy stories.
    • Some of these servants of football are so besotted with the game that they devote more time to attending dull local committees.
    • I am sure all three of you were besotted with quiz programmes and the ambition to be successful on a major television show.
    • However, at 21 he was forced to reject an offer of a place at drama school because he was ‘sort of engaged to a young lady, besotted with her.'
    • The restaurant chef and the student are so besotted with each other that it's almost sickening.
    • Police are investigating whether the accused who allegedly had become besotted with Susan after meeting her at a caravan park, shot her before turning the gun on himself.
    • This was the speech of a prime minister besotted with emotion, image and presentation.
    • He declared her ‘a stunner ‘, and within days they were besotted with each other.’
    • In the pilot, Charlotte meets an aging movie star, who quickly becomes besotted with her as they explore the karaoke boxes and sushi bars of Japan.
    • She had to live in a small apartment with a mother-in-law who was besotted with her son and loathed her as a rival, as well as living with a brilliant young husband who turned out to be self-obsessed and a drunk.
    • He was clearly besotted with her, recalling in great detail two long and intimate conversations with her, and even admitting that he once kissed her goodnight.
    • The movie tells the story of two youngsters who are besotted with each other.
    • I signed up because I just wanted to be around real people that were besotted with writing as I am and to force myself to actually get some work done instead of dreaming about it.
    • She was an ‘intelligent woman’ who had become besotted with the man and was unable to deal with the flagging relationship, the court was told.
    • She's very easy to love and I am besotted with her.
    • She was such a hit with everyone we met, but most particularly with my elderly grandparents, who were besotted with her.
    • And yet his emotion for Susan was genuine; he was besotted with her.
    • A recital was given in the drawing room, then guests enjoyed Sunday lunch under the trees on the lawn and she became besotted with the idea of living in a country house herself.
    • So why be so besotted with sporting failures and successes?
    • But I'm in love with her, I'm just absolutely besotted with her, she is lovely.