Translation of bespectacled in Spanish:


de anteojos, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈspɛktəkəld/ /bɪˈspɛktək(ə)ld/


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    de anteojos Latin America
    de lentes Latin America
    con gafas Spain
    • With his bespectacled studious appearance, people often take him for scholar, writer or even a photographer.
    • After fifteen minutes the train came and Amy piled on with the other bespectacled youths.
    • He startled the clerk - who had never been robbed by a small bespectacled white boy before - more than a little.
    • In hesitant English, the bespectacled Thai man thanks all the foreigners who have helped his community, raising the biggest cheer of the night.
    • He's maybe late forties, early fifties, bookish, greying, bespectacled, wispy - perhaps an academic.
    • A bespectacled librarian came and sat behind me, commentating on the view throughout the journey for the benefit of his Japanese lady visitor.
    • He was a tall, coltish, bespectacled young man, curiously lovable.
    • The short, bespectacled monk has influence, power, certainly money.
    • Walking along the sidelines, and later addressing them in the locker room, is a bespectacled white man in his 50s.
    • Bald, bespectacled and soft-spoken to a fault, he looks less hip than shyly professorial.
    • A bespectacled couple is slow-dancing in the corner, eyes locked on each other.
    • The night is waning when a clean-cut, bespectacled comedian comes on.
    • I've noticed I don't really make eye contact with people when I'm bespectacled.
    • He's got a certain charm, though, and his podgy, bespectacled appearance puts the audience at their ease.
    • She was, by her own account, ‘a squat, bespectacled child who lived mostly in books and daydreams’.
    • At last, she spotted a bespectacled man in the crowd and grabbed his hands.
    • It was a picture of a bespectacled President signing some important looking documents.
    • Another friend, a bespectacled accountant and reader of science fiction novels, interrupted him.
    • Her bespectacled child seems little interested in the menu.
    • A short bespectacled woman in a laboratory coat greeted them.