Translation of best in Spanish:


mejor, adj.

Pronunciation /bɛst/

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    → superlative of good
    he was (the) best él era el mejor
    • this year's carnival will be the best ever el carnaval de este año estará mejor que nunca
    • she gave her best ever performance actuó mejor que nunca
    • the best years of my life los mejores años de mi vida
    • best of all was the windsurfing lo mejor de todo fue el windsurf
    • the best things in life are free los mejores placeres no cuestan dinero
    • may the best man/team win que gane el mejor
    • best before July 29 consumir preferentemente antes del 29 de julio
    • it was the best thing in the long run a la larga fue lo mejor
    • she knows what's best for you ella sabe qué es lo que más te conviene
    • the best thing (to do) is to wait lo mejor es esperar
    • do whatever you think is best haz lo que mejor te parezca
    • do as you think best haz lo que mejor te parezca
    • Only a few of the very best pedigree pigs can be kept for breeding.
    • In fact her son Lindsay was Rebecca's very best friend when they were small children.
    • We need to know our children are receiving the very best care from professional educationalists.
    • He is a journalist and one of the very best cricket writers in the world today.
    • There is no doubt in my mind that it continues to be one of the very best military forces in the world.
    • The only way to survive this section of the evening is for the host to break open the very best wine in his cellar.
    • The team manager will want to pick the very best squad open to him.
    • She wants to buy her friend the very best present in the whole wide world.
    • One of the biggest benefits for any rookie is the opportunity to study some of the world's best players close up.
    • I saw it last week, and enjoyed it, but it's by no means even close to being the best film of 2002.
    • The alternative, he said, was to pay thousands of pounds premium for a property close to the best state schools.
    • The injury to the world's best fast bowler has cast the Ashes battle in a completely new light.
    • If you want to get close to the best British female surfer, you must brave the waves.
    • We have the best political system in the world because it allows us to voice our criticisms without fear of reprisal.
    • It was only appropriate that the crucial touchdown should come from the best player on view yesterday.
    • The spacious L-shaped living room to the rear is one of the property's best features.
    • It's pretty much the best political satire that is going on on US TV at the moment.
    • The best and most successful writers for children have the utmost respect for their young readers.
    • Profitable routes get the best buses because that is where the money is made.
    • This shows, for example, that the best plants can be up to six times more productive than the worst.


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    → superlative of well
    which color suits me (the) best? ¿qué color me queda mejor?
    • I like this painting (the) best (of all) este es el cuadro que me gusta más / que más me gusta
    • I mended/did it as best I could lo arreglé/lo hice lo mejor que pude
    • he's best remembered for his poems se lo recuerda sobre todo / más que nada por sus poesías
    • I think it's best forgotten mira, más vale olvidarlo
    • their gossip is best ignored a sus habladurías (es) mejor no hacerles ni caso
    • Religion and politics are apparently the two topics best avoided when engaging in polite conversation.
    • Those who have lived through the crisis are perhaps the best equipped to avoid a repeat of it.
    • Sundays, when even the swings in the children's playgrounds are padlocked, are best avoided.
    • Any uncooked fruit or vegetable is best avoided and remember be careful of shellfish.
    • It's also easy to understand why it's best avoided on Sundays in July and August.
    • Pruning is best done in early spring so as not to affect flowering which occurs between May and July.
    • They need well-drained acid soil and sun or partial shade and are best pruned in March.
    • This illustrates a very important point about how to best judge the success of economic policy.
    • It's shaping up to be a very dull and repetitive show, best watched in fast forward.
    • Knowledge is best gained through an intimate association with the matter at hand.
    • Isn't the value of a society best judged by the culture it produces and consumes?
    • Further research is needed to clarify when routine inquiry is appropriate and how best to implement it.
    • But the term is best used properly, if it is to remain useful and not be voided of significance.
    • Appealing to the lowest common denominator is best done through basic instincts.
    • Getting people to do that is the sort of thing best done by politicians, not by researchers.
    • Pot-grown evergreen shrubs are best planted before the end of this month.
    • It's a very easy bulb to grow and is best planted in clumps or groups.
    • Part of the experiment will be to see at what age and at what time of year the plant is best harvested.
    • The flower stems tend to flop and I find it best grown through other plants or some twiggy sticks.
    • The club may need money but the long term financial interest of the club will be best served by success on the pitch.


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    the best
    • 1.1

      lo mejor
      choose ABC hotels when only the best will do si usted exige lo mejor, escoja hoteles ABC
      • he's in the best of health está en excelente estado de salud
      • the best of three sets wins the match quien gana dos sets, gana el partido
      • I don't look my best in the mornings por la mañana no es cuando estoy mejor de aspecto
      • she knows how to bring out the best in her students sabe cómo potenciar al máximo la capacidad de sus alumnos
      • he always gets the best out of his employees siempre logra que sus empleados den lo mejor de sí
      • in order to get the best out of the course … para sacar el máximo provecho del curso …
      • to demand the best from sb exigirle a algn el máximo
      • it's not very good, but it's the best I can do no está muy bien pero no lo puedo hacer mejor
      • he gave of his best dio todo de sí
      • they meant it for the best lo hicieron con la mejor intención
      • it all turned out for the best in the end al final todo fue para bien
      • he did it to the best of his ability lo hizo lo mejor que pudo
      • to the best of my recollection, he wasn't there si la memoria no me falla, no estaba
      • so, to the best of your recollection, he wasn't there entonces usted no recuerda haberlo visto allí
      • to the best of my belief/knowledge, he still lives there según tengo entendido/que yo sepa, todavía vive allí
      • You are expected to look your best at every moment, before, during and after the wedding.
      • You have to look your best on these occasions.
      • It's party time coming up so this is the ideal opportunity to learn how to look your best.
      • It's getting harder as I get older, but I like to make sure they always look their best.
      • With the Christmas party season nearly here, the pressure is on for women to look their best.
      • I'm going into middle school soon and I want to look my best and not be teased so much!
      • I was, after all, going to a memorial service and wanted to look my best.
      • She was very fashion conscious and always liked to look her best at all times.
      • She had a lifelong interest in fashion and style, and always liked to look her best.
      • Every bride likes to look her best - but this wedding gown was never going to hide any blushes.
      • So all you have to do is your best, or even just the level required for your work output, and you're set.
      • At their best they combine free improvisation with an elastic approach to standards.
      • She is about 10 years past her best.
      • This record aims to show him at his best.
      • At their best the acts should promote improved communication and management of records.
      • We will have to be at our best if we want to retain our title
      • The energy firm is doing its best to shake up the world of utility stocks.
      • With all the large cast giving their very best, this was an enjoyable and memorable show.
      • He was also a keen gardener and kept the station looking its best with plants and flowers.
      • The poor old BBC, doing its best to provide a useful service to those ungrateful viewers!

    • 1.2

      even the best of us are wrong sometimes todos nos equivocamos
      • he's one of the best es un tipo genial
      • they're (the) best of friends again now están otra vez de lo más amigos

  • 2

    • 2.1

      at/past one's best
      • she's not at her best in the morning
      • at his best, his singing rivals that of Caruso
      • the roses were past their best
      • it's British theater at its best
      • They were fond of each other, and observers of his early work often say that she brought out the best in him.
      • They also brought out the best in communities who battled past the point of exhaustion against the rising waters.
      • He now enjoyed a sustained spell of supremacy which brought out the best in a determined York defence.
      • She was regarded among her pupils as a fair teacher who brought out the best in her young charges.
      • His curling shot to the far post, after a surging break by his opponent, brought out the best in him.
      • We have had three people there but for varying reasons it hasn't brought out the best in them.
      • He performed well last year, but the coach has brought out the best in him and he has had a couple of stormers in the last two games.
      • He has brought out the best in a superb cast to maintain that delicate balance on stage.
      • Genre films they no doubt were, but as was true with the illustrious star in America, they brought out the best in him.
      • His infectious humour belied a steely resolve to get the job done and the mix of the two brought out the best in his players.
      • Spain has brought out the best in him.
      • The worst of the weather brought out the best in all of them, horses, riders and audience.
      • The war brought out the best in many people, as was demonstrated by many of the museum displays.
      • The enormity of the disaster seems, though, to have brought out the best in people.
      • It has brought out the best in people of all ages and cultures who have given time and money.
      • So let us use these six months to work out how we should go forward, together drawing on the best of each national experience.
      • This here's what you'd call discreet charm, and that's what brings out the best in a guide.
      • He spent a lot of time with the contributors, and believes his honest approach helped get the best from them.
      • As well as natural talent, he also possesses useful political and diplomatic skills: he has a way of bringing people along with him and getting the best of out them.
      • He is a prime example of how adversity brings out the best in people.

  • 3

    • 3.1(in greetings)

      give them my best dales recuerdos / saludos de mi parte
      • Chris sends his best Chris manda recuerdos / saludos
      • My gut reaction was to write Sincerely, but then I re-read an email that was sent from the recruiter to me and she signed it Best.
      • If he signed it "Best, LRH" then that meant he wasn't pleased with you and you were in trouble.
      • I hope you are back from the hospital and doing okay. Best, Andrea.
      • But I gotta go. Best, Bill
      • If he signed it Best, she was doomed and they were doomed — and how did 'best' become one of the worst email closings ever? she wondered.

    • 3.2Sport

      récord masculine
      a personal best for Flynn un récord para Flynn
      • Molly won a bronze medal in the 200 meter backstroke, swimming a lifetime best of 2:16.42.
      • Canada's Perdita Felicien smashed her lifetime best with victory in 12.53 seconds to upset gold medal favourite Brigitte Foster.
      • Despite a lifetime best in the 1,500m, Lee finished out of the medals.
      • At 29, he was coming to the end of his career, but he set a lifetime best in the final.
      • And his run was just three-hundredths of a second outside his lifetime best, set in the worlds in Seville two years ago.
      • His time of 67:52 knocked more than 2 minutes off his previous best.
      • Sehwag's previous best was 195 scored against Australia at Melbourne in December last year.
      • His time of 3: 49.59 was only six-tenths off his all-time best from 1996.
      • "I knew going into the meet that I'd have to swim career bests if I even wanted a chance at a medal," Bowen said.
      • His time was a magnificent 2 minutes 5.7 seconds, well inside the previous best.
      • In the under - 17 race, Lauren Blackie showed remarkable consistency to time 8.17 sec twice, a new best.
      • The Holland international is currently on six and if he scores in United's next games against Southampton, Blackburn and Liverpool, he will set a new best.
      • Burnside retained the title, clocking a time of 7.50s with Dudgeon two metres down in 2nd place in 7.63s - bettering her own six-year-old best.
      • All-in-all there were 13 championship bests at Seville in 1999.

transitive verb

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