Translation of best man in Spanish:

best man

padrino, n.

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  • 1

    amigo que acompaña al novio el día de la boda
    padrino masculine
    testigo masculine
    • My best man at my wedding was my brother, but my other attendants were two groomsmaids.
    • One evening as I awaited trial, my brother asked me to be the best man at his wedding.
    • They had been close and Harold had been his best man at his wedding in 1942, a year after joining the RAF.
    • Miles will be the best man at the wedding and has a wonderful gift in mind.
    • One I have witnessed at two weddings involves the best man giving out keys to all the men before the reception.
    • The film begins with Charles messing up being the best man at a wedding and then putting his foot in it at the reception.
    • I recently went dry while giving a best man's speech at my friend's wedding.
    • The best man or bridesmaid act as the team runner and make sure everything is okay heading into the big day.
    • The best man and ushers could wear their own suits - not adding anything to the wedding bill.
    • Maguire had swapped his armband for the best man role at a wedding.
    • Ross questions his decision to make Joey his best man when Joey loses the wedding ring.
    • Kayden had been the best man for Tyler at their wedding and had always been there for Tyler.
    • At the rehearsal dinner give the best man the envelopes for all fees due at the wedding.
    • The match coincided with his brother Stephen's wedding, at which John was supposed to be the best man.
    • He is accompanied by three friends, one of whom lost his best man to cancer at the age of just 39.
    • This one ended up being directed at comforting a friend who had been insulted by the best man and was in tears.
    • Most of the school turned out to the wedding and it was her brother that was the best man.
    • I hadn't seen my oldest friend since being best man at his wedding.
    • One would surmise that Holmes would get suspicious by the fourth or fifth time he was asked to present a ring as the best man.
    • Every best man wants his golfing-drinking-belly-dancing extravaganza to be the most fun any stag has had.