Translation of bestride in Spanish:


montar a horcajadas, v.

Pronunciation /bəˈstraɪd/ /bɪˈstrʌɪd/

transitive verb bestrode, bestridden

  • 1

    (horse) montar a horcajadas
    (stream) cruzar de un salto
    • You will find that all the arguments in favor of king-craft were of this class; they always bestrode the necks of the people, not that they wanted to do it, but because the people were better off for being ridden.
    • Many of these men were to die, bringing a grief which bestrode the town all that summer and autumn, and which is still remembered today.
    • The word meant that our feet were opposite - opposed, that is, to those who triumphantly bestrode the world because they had the good fortune to be born in the northern hemisphere, where the maps were made.
    • In this age of virtual reality, audiences expect to be impressed and they were not disappointed, especially when the Beast's two robots with their creaks and clanks timed to perfection, bestrode the stage.
    • Not since the mighty man bestrode the oche had Scotland threatened to furnish such an unlikely sporting hero.
    • One of them was tackled and, once on the ground, cuffed by an officer who bestrode him.
    • ‘My job is to make uncool things seem cool,’ he says, his foot up on a kitchen chair, like a rock star bestriding a monitor.
    • A long time and often colourful member of the Gallery, he was instantly recognisable with his shaved head and riding leathers bestriding Parliament's corridors, usually with a cigarette in his mouth.
    • Most of all when she insists on getting off her gear and putting on her Japanese lover's trousers before bestriding him - a strange perversion.
    • Scots may want to come over all Runrig bestriding mighty crags, but they are really Arab Straps, moaning about damp and impotence in provincial housing schemes.
    • Wearing embroidered palikari vest, puffy-sleeved poukamiso, and pleated foustanella shirt, my grandfather bestrides the gangway.
    • He was in the impossible position of he who bestrides a tiger and is uncertain whether he should dismount, a deeply unhappy man.
    • Next to them, he is George Washington bestride the cherry tree.
    • The second movement bestrode the narrow line between too-slow and just-slow-enough, and when the orchestra tuttis intervened I found myself longing for the return of that sheeny sound again.
    • Today those Martian aliens, in simulacrum, are bestriding the planet in the unlovely guise of wind turbines.