Translation of bestseller in Spanish:


bestseller, n.

Pronunciation /ˌbɛstˈsɛlər/ /bɛstˈsɛlə/


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    (book) bestseller masculine
    (book) superventas masculine, feminine
    (product) superventas masculine, feminine
    a motorbike/car that has been among the bestsellers for four years una moto/un coche que lleva cuatro años entre los superventas
    • Cookery shows are absolutely on the TV almost every day of the week, cookery books are in the best-seller list yet people cook less than ever before.
    • So when in 1971 he produced his best-seller, the Atlas, combining travel and wine, it was not a surprise.
    • How do you send a book soaring on the best-seller list even before it's been published?
    • Having sold over 1.5 million copies, the book ranks second on the best-seller list, right after the famous writer Chi Li's novel.
    • He's got a new hit book out already the best-seller list called ‘How to Know God.’
    • Atkins and South Beach diet books are on the best-seller list.
    • The fact that conservative books dominate the best-seller list demonstrates how bogus such measures are as evidence of bias.
    • When a book makes a best-seller list it is instantly less interesting to me We are awash in great books, more than we could possibly read
    • It's a story that needs to be told more often, rather than the warm, pink fuzziness we get from books on the best-seller lists.
    • If a book lands on the best-seller list and nobody hears it, did it really happen?
    • To the surprise of everyone involved, the book shot up the best-seller list.
    • The fact that they produce fiction that tops the secular best-seller lists, almost all of it apocalyptic, suggests that the charm remains.
    • It had a lock on the best-seller list for over three years and eventually sold more than 3 million copies.
    • He pointed to the best-seller list, at the top of which sat All The President's Men.
    • It also reached the best-seller list in Ireland, selling out this week in some Dublin book stores.
    • So when I started writing, if someone said you're going to have a book in the best-seller list, I would have thought that's amazing and I would give my right arm for that.
    • Well, right after I wrote that book and it got on the best-seller list, publishers came to me with offers.
    • Readers seem to like the move and six ‘big print’ paperbacks have been on The New York Times paperback best-seller list since last month.
    • They were confident that the book would sell well; indeed it appeared on the New York Times paperback best-seller list in October, if only for a week.
    • The latest, Seven-Up, is currently on every hardcover best-seller list.
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    autor de bestsellers masculine
    autora de bestsellers feminine