Translation of beta test in Spanish:

beta test

prueba beta, n.


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    prueba beta feminine
    beta test masculine
    testeo masculine
    beta Latin America
    • Here are a few tips for running a beta test of a software product intended for large audiences - what I call ‘shrinkwrap’.
    • The claim was made as Apple made the latest beta test build available to software authors.
    • This could be a function of the beta test, if Google is using a limited number of servers to process mail.
    • If every designer/manufacturer of hardware or software had to beta test it on their parents or grandparents before releasing it, we'd have a much better world all around.
    • Had a quick play of the beta test and EVE Online would have to be one of the prettiest game interfaces ever made.
    • Off the store shelves, Battlefield 1942 comes ignobly as v1.0 and already, the v1.1 pioneered with the multiplayer beta test is required to play on the majority of servers.
    • What makes Whacked online even better is the lag-free and virtually disconnect-free play provided by Xbox Live (at least in the beta test stage so far).
    • Cartoon Racer and Shot Online Closed Beta services are set to have their closed beta testing stages in late June as well with an opening beta test following in early July.
    • Will we see a public beta test / demo before launch?
    • Last week they were adding features like the ability to track your FedEx packages, and now they've launched the beta test of their book search capabilities.
    • At the time Learning Logic was first introduced into schools during its beta test period, UNIX had very few followers in the secondary school arena.
    • PanAmSat has paired up with U S West and RealNetworks Inc. to roll out the system, and plans are to begin a beta test in a U S West digital subscriber line facility some time in the second quarter.
    • During the beta test we've supported over 80 players - that's around 800 units - in a single battle, something no RTS has accomplished.
    • Msdn subscribers might consider that quite a few people who aren't on the beta test, haven't gone for the Preview Program and haven't stumped up for MSDN are already downloading illicit Beta 2 code.
    • But a beta test in March of this year for the Model 520 and OS / 400 Express packaging that debuted in early May seems to have been what pushed IBM over the edge to start cutting prices.
    • He described Windows as ‘the biggest beta test in history’ and warned warned IT security pros not to expect too much from Microsoft's vaunted Trustworthy Computing initiative.
    • At the moment, Froogle is just a beta test, but if it becomes a popular service, it might be well worth engaging the services of a professional copywriter to create your product descriptions.
    • ‘I'm sorry, but we aren't releasing that information until we complete the beta test,’ my booth tutor says.
    • As comments to this post point out, Microsoft started a beta test of a similar service, tied to Hotmail, last November.
    • Finally, though, I found (by calling my way down the list) a dealer who had participated in the Starband beta test.

transitive verb

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    (product/software) realizar una prueba beta de
    (product/software) realizar un beta test de
    (product/software) realizar un testeo beta de Latin America
    • At the Blues Traveler mixdown, Dearnley was beta-testing DMOD software to upload high-quality, encrypted mixes to the Internet.
    • With a $500 price tag and targeted towards the server market you wouldn't expect to be bug-hunting or rather beta-testing your new motherboard would you?
    • The company is beta-testing a new blogging tool called Yahoo!
    • According to the docs, HP has started calling on its user base to begin beta-testing the Nimbus software.
    • Macromedia has beta-tested the new software and DRM model at about 1,100 customers, with at least that number of machines, both Windows and Macintosh platforms, Larson said.
    • Apria is one of Vision Solutions' main customers for beta-testing future editions of its Vision Suite software, the result of an alliance the two companies formed in August 2001.
    • It has begun beta-testing its latest Messenger client, rewritten to support VoIP-quality, full duplex, voice chat over broadband.
    • The software, developed for and beta-tested by the U.S. Marine Corps, prioritizes resources using objective criteria and provides a cost-benefit analysis for various mitigations.
    • MSN is beta-testing its own search technology; it seems reasonable to infer that it will make the switch in the latter half of next year.
    • On some campuses, members or NSBE won a contest to beta-test new IBM products - products they then were able to keep.
    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but the article said, ‘Iceberg Systems, is beta-testing a new technology that will remotely turn off the cameras in cell phones.’
    • But the voting software Channel 4 aims to use on the site - ChargIT from Global Internet Billing - has still not been fully approved and is currently being beta-tested.
    • Agree with much of what you say, as an old-time Machead (heck, I beta-tested the original beast), there's a lot of OSX stuff that annoys the heck out of me.
    • We understand this is a process Microsoft has successfully beta-tested this approach with a smaller country's government, also beginning with U.
    • I would LOVE to know who beta-tested this game, because I haven't seen such bad gameplay elements in one title in a while.
    • Those of us who have beta-tested OS X for the past year or more should be given some consideration in pricing levels if nothing else.
    • We beta-tested the version on our P900 and quickly reckoned it was indispensable.
    • ‘People from all over the place are offering to beta-test it,’ said Nanda, who is currently working on patenting Clocky.
    • The other question is of course does anyone want to beta-test any of my games?
    • As some of you know, I beta-tested Typepad, the new blog hosting service run by Six Apart.