Translation of betcha in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛtʃə/


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    betcha can't climb that tree! ¡a que no te subes a ese árbol!
    • But when I get asked about local artists of the 60s, or how to apply for film grants, or Roman archaeological finds in Great Britain: You betcha!
    • In other sports news (and betcha didn't know neo-cons did sports commentary, eh?)
    • When the results came out, every pregnant mouse that had ever consumed the equivalent of 266,000 times as many apples as the average pre-schooler was thinking twice about it, you betcha.
    • Everybody else laughs when he says it, but if you ask the cell phone clod, I'll betcha they'll tell you their feelings are hurt and that this guy's not just cross, he's downright irate!
    • If it's design of single-family homes, you betcha!
    • Granted, the conversation would be limited to clearing up the confusion between canned chicken and tuna, but you betcha the boys would be aware of your table.
    • He challenged the president to weekly, face-to-face debates, you betcha.
    • But I'll betcha I play Volume One more often than all the others combined.
    • I dig 'em, but I betcha I'd be digging them a lot less this week had I been subjected to a full hour of that vocal harmonizing gimmick they always do.
    • Given that Gee posted this in a public forum, yep, you betcha.
    • No one else has confirmed yet, but then I betcha dollars to donuts they're all in Derek's session on Design for Community.
    • You betcha, and the Commerce Commission thinks so too.
    • You betcha, there's nothing a little Hershey's Kiss can't fix.
    • A dozen little Lutheran campers nodded in the dark: ya sure, you betcha.
    • It's a woman all along - betcha didn't see that coming.
    • Truth is, you're never too old for a romp on the playground… and betcha there's one right near the pool.
    • And I betcha in that flick, somebody would have at least demanded a shrubbery.
    • I'll betcha a cold frosty brew that a month from now opinions on both sides of this issue will have changed drastically.
    • He's been flying solo all summer and, I'll betcha he doesn't have a Homecoming date yet.