Translation of betrothal in Spanish:


esponsales, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈtroʊðəl/ /bəˈtrɔθəl/ /bɪˈtrəʊð(ə)l/

Definition of esponsales in Spanish


  • 1

    esponsales masculine formal
    compromiso (matrimonial) masculine
    • Hey, I've arranged a lot of betrothals, you can't expect me to remember each one!
    • Food is important at ceremonial occasions such as naming ceremonies, betrothals, marriages, and deaths.
    • She had seemed so girlish, chattering on about clothes and gossiping about the recent betrothals.
    • Uncertainty plagued her, following every move she made, surfacing every time anyone mentioned her betrothal.
    • From the moment they were considered ready for betrothal, women were under an enormous amount of societal pressure to marry.