Translation of betting slip in Spanish:

betting slip

boleto de apuestas, n.


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    boleto de apuestas masculine
    • On entering your local bookmakers, pick up a blank betting slip, normally located in holders or dispensers around the walls of the shop.
    • Five men and four women, aged between 22 and 53, were arrested following the seizure of $3.24 million worth of betting slips, computers and bookmaking paraphernalia.
    • His latest victims were betting shops in Hull and Grimsby, where he forged betting slips to win £40,785 in a week.
    • The majority of footballers I have worked alongside would not be classed as heavy gamblers: most would need assistance to fill out a betting slip on Grand National day.
    • Despite the sunny weather, gusts of wind whipped across the course for much of yesterday afternoon, sending betting slips belonging to luckless punters dancing across the paddock.