Translation of between in Spanish:


entre, prep

Pronunciation /bəˈtwin/ /bɪˈtwiːn/

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  • 1

    (in time and space)
    a bus runs between the airport and the hotel un autobús hace el recorrido entre el aeropuerto y el hotel
    • between now and Thursday de aquí al jueves
    • it is closed between 1 and 3 está cerrado de 1 a 3
    • between 80 and 100 guests entre 80 y 100 invitados
    • it must have cost something / somewhere between £150 and £200 debe (de) haber costado entre unas 150 y 200 libras
    • nothing can come between us nada podrá separarnos
    • she's between jobs at the moment en este momento no está trabajando
  • 2

    they divided / shared the money between them se dividieron el dinero entre ellos
    • what I'm about to say is strictly between you and me orbetween ourselves lo que te voy a decir debe quedar entre nosotros
  • 3

    • 3.1(jointly, in combination)

      we spent $250 between us gastamos 250 dólares entre los dos
      • between them they managed to lift it entre los dos consiguieron levantarlo

    • 3.2 informal (what with)

      between working and training I've no time for books entre el trabajo y el entrenamiento no tengo tiempo para leer


  • 1

    the one between el/la de en medio
    • there are very large houses and very small apartments and nothing (in) between hay casas muy grandes o apartamentos muy pequeños pero no hay nada intermedio
    • They are separated by panels of chain fencing and the space between dotted with waste bins and park benches.
    • There were pieces everywhere and blank spaces in between.
    • He wants to create four swimming pools within the existing boundary of the lake and fill in all the space in between.
    • The small space in between allowed a continuous flow of air to ventilate the rooms below.
    • The spaces in between are enclosed with glass, making two internal courtyards.
    • We must not continue to develop and destroy what is left of the green space in between.
    • Shrubs could also be planted between, creating a pleasant outlook at minimal cost.